Sunday, February 1, 2009

This just in....snake update o matic

We found snake poo. Yes I realize that these are details that not everyone wants to know. Welcome to my blog. But some of you are terrified of the fact that the possibility exists that one of us could wake up with a pink snake in their bed and not in the fun sexy way either. For this I let you all know the updates as we get them.

The dd was yelling about how there was snake poo in her room around noon today. I don't know how she found it, she was in there getting dressed and it was under her night table. I mean really how often does one look under their night table while getting dressed? Anyone? No? Exactly my point.

Now here's the deal, ya'll know what a 7 yr old girl's room looks like? How much clothing/stuffed animals/toys/crap they have tucked away everywhere? How many hidey holes those rooms contain? At least we have a starting point and hopefully (keep you fingers crossed people) she's still in there. As insane as that prospect sounds it's easier to search her room for a 4 ft pink snake that the house in it's entirety. Right? I have still yet to go in there and start tearing the place apart though. Lazy much? Yeah just a bit. It's Sunday!

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