Saturday, February 7, 2009

I must have one of those obsession things...

So the kid was taking a shower in our shower today. She never uses her bathroom for anything anymore, she's taken ours over. I think I've mentioned this problem before, no? So I wanted to make sure she made it out and clean in a timely manner (like less that 45 minutes) because she has that long shower gene. While I was in there I figured I'd be productive and organize under my side of the sink.

I have um, some quantity of stuff under there. Lets face it, there are some of us women who like product. Be it hair, make up, body products (that's the biggie for me) what have you, we women collect it like it's going out of production I swear. I organized mine though, it's all nice and neat and I even found some stuff I went looking for under there no less than 3 times and could not for the life of me find. Bonus right? My big thing is Bath and Body Works. If I go to pick something up and there's a sale I stock up. Then I forget what I already have. I have 2 bottles of Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream and 3 bottles of the shower gel in that scent too. It used to be my fav but it's changed. Now the hubby prefers Midnight Pomegranate, so does the kid for that matter. I have 2 shower gels, 3 body creams and 1 body spray of that. Oh and the hand wash! We love the foaming stuff so I've got 2 of those in the Mid Pom and 1 huge refill bottle of the Jap Cherry Blossom. I have a kid and a husband, we go through hand soap fast.

Now keep in mind I never buy this stuff full price, it's only when it's on sale for like 3 for $15 or 5 for $20, the good sales you know. That's when to stock up because you know, you never know when you'll run out of your 5 other bottles of shower gel right?

The only other thing I buy from them (and they have a ton of stuff to hoard, I mean sell!) is their lip shine. I even have the hubby wearing it. The almond one, not the minty pink kind. My favorite flavor though is the Mentha Cinnamint Lip Shine. Yummy! All of their mint ones are tasty but this one especially so. I don't actually have a stock of these, they are too expensive ($7.50). Only 2, 1 in my purse, 1 in my bathroom, and 1 back up. They are on sale right now so it might be time to pop in over there and see how much I can build up my stock....
I am not an addict!

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