Thursday, February 19, 2009

I stumbled across a website...

And found it so entertaining I had to post it up here. No it's not x rated or anything that 'exciting', but hey it has cool stuff to buy! I personally love the Ex Voodoo knife set, I have a friend who gave it as a shower gift to 2 guys she knew. She's now way higher up on my coolness scale, this as a shower gift? Brilliant.

The site is Perpetual Kid and OMSH had it on her blog with a link to this nifty little do dad,
Flexible chromatic USB hub

I want to buy usb's just so I have a reason to buy the hub. Sadly I have 1 'pen' drive and it's huge, 1T, so I don't really have a need for several little jobbers. Good thing I'm poor because if not my house would be full of this useless crap. And I mean FULL. Dude, they have a USB heating blanket so if you're cold at your desk you can plug it into your computer. I mean come on, it's on sale, everybody needs one!

I spent like 30 minutes flitting about on this site. They have so much stuff that I would buy just so I could have it. Really, Frogmen vs Radioactive Octopus, I am so all over that! The hubby and the kid would be fighting over this one I'm sure of it.

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Violet said...

I lovvvvvvve the USB heated slippers and gloves! I desire them.