Saturday, February 14, 2009

FatBabies for Valentines Day!

It's San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show time and I noticed that one of our local boot stores was having a sale. Any excuse for a sale right? And then there were these Pony Girl posts about the boots she owns and the ones she wants, etc and I noticed her FatBabies and though ohhh those look way more comfy that my Ariats. Mine are more for just style, not so much that walking stuff right? I'm sure none of you women out there own shoes like that, ya'll are much more practical than myself. Especially when it comes to shoes right? OK we'll just go with that and move on to my boot envy. And not talk about how we spent more today in a 'cowboy' store than either of us would have ever thought possible oh say 3 years ago. The above photo is us indulging our not terribly spoiled I have no idea what you are talking about child. I was planning on getting her a pair of cowboy boots today (it's the only way to get her excited and shopping where I want to go, she has to get something too) and looked up in the Cavender ad today and noticed they had these insanely cute kid's FatBaby Kid's heart boots on sale. I showed her the picture and she was sold, so off we were to one of the local Cavender's, a very cool country clothing store. I think it's only in Texas but I could be wrong. We've got 3 here in San Antonio and I never go there, I mean just how many boots does a city girl need? For the record we're at 2 right now and I could have easily added another 3 while at the store.

While waiting on mommy to try on her boots the kid decided she needed a 'cowgirl' outfit so I told her to take her daddy over to the clothes and knock herself out.
She ended up with this get up:

Matching the new boots of course. The boots are damn cute with 4 little hearts on the back of the heel and the side formed into a clover leaf pattern. Every little girls Valentines Day perfect outfit right?

I did get myself a pair of course. It was a bitch choosing just one pair that did it for me. I already have a pair of pointy toed brown Ariats, pretty but not practical plus I wanted something more fancy yah? They had this pair of purple ones that I liked a lot but they were purple on the tops and the actual foot part was still a basic brown. I wanted something that was flashy all over so they stood out even when wearing jeans. While there was no lack of these at the store I narrowed my search by the ones that were comfortable and on sale. See how practical I am? It still left a huge playing field for me though so this is what I ended up with,
Ariat GemBabies

The box says they are a Brick Red color but you can't really tell because my floors are a cherry color. I'd actually call the color oxblood but that's because we were raised on Doc Martins and that's a Doc color. Red is my color, it's a power color and what I wear on the paintball field when I used to play. Other weenies wear camo to try and 'blend in', I wear red to let them know they are about to get lit up. Like I said, it's a power color. It's my color. Still and oxblood is just subtle enough so that I'll be able to wear them more often and not clash with every other color I wear right? They've got gems and rivets on them too so it adds..bling? The kid thought they were perfect and we all know fashion needs her stamp of approval before purchasing.

The hubby bought a pair of boots too you know. Ariat hiking boots, more his style since he doesn't do country fashion and I totally am on board with this one. He's just not country and I don't want him to be. I was just happy he found something there he thought was cool enough to buy.

And hey, did I mention I was almost the one who spent the least amount of $ there? The hubby beat me by a mere $5. It could have been waaay worse right? They carry a brand of jeans there that I had never heard of and were on clearance. For a mere $150. Criminy! I had to try some on (they aren't on their website btw) because they must give a massage or something to warrant that price tag. I was wrong, they didn't give me a massage but they fit awesome being a 93/7% blend of cotton spandex. I tried on this pair (which is on the brand website for $225, wtf?) which did not make me look as skinny as the model on the website but they made my ass look great (it must be that 7% spandex...). Not $150 great but if I had money to blow out my ass sure I'd get them. Has anyone else heard of this brand though? 7 for all mankind? It must be that I am just not in enough stores that sell jeans in the $200+ range. I'm ok with that though since I can't possibly afford those. Hell for that I'll buy a pair of Luccheses right?


Anonymous said...

justins. justin ropers.

that is all.

Kimberly said...

Evie looks very cute! I will make sure nia does not see her or I will be in trouble! I just dont do country. Russ owns a pair of boots somewhere and I could not believe it until I saw them-I mean can you just picture it?!

MichelleSG said...

I tried the Justins and they were comfy but they weren't nearly as bling. I was going for bling babe and these ones had it going on.

What in the world does Russ do with those boots? Use them to collect dust in the back of your closet? No, I can't believe he has a pair much less wears them.

Jamie said...

LOVE the boots!

Kids Cowboy Boots said...

Don't they just make the cutest cowboy boots for kids? I have had a couple of pairs of Justins myself and hope they will still feel as comfortable and look as stylish when I get older.
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