Saturday, February 21, 2009

I had a day all to myself

And oddly, I had nothing to do. Normally I have 50 thousand errands to run and by the time it ends I'm ready to give it all up and move to the country. Maybe it's because I am finally done with all the friggin car dealerships (boy am I done with them), maybe it's the fact that the house is in some semblance of order (it's not perfect and I don't plan on it being perfect anytime in the near future). Today was a few quick short errands and then I camped it on the couch and let the dogs lounge with me. There was nothing pressing to do, no little things here and there that were imperative to get done. How...odd. I did call some people I had been meaning to call for awhile and that was nice.

It was kinda nice. And kinda boring. Sad that down time is not something my brain was looking for today. It's not likely it'll happen again anytime soon. I have hoop making stuff here but all of the pretty tape I've ordered is in Austin, waiting for me to pick it up tomorrow. And lets face it, the pretty sparkly tape is the fun part of making the hoop. Putting the hoop together takes about, oh 1 minute and once you done it once it's kinda lost it's novelty. Now once I get my tape tomorrow I'm going to go nuts. I have no less than 8 naked hoops in my room just waiting to be beautfied. That and almost 200 feet of tubing that is waiting to be made into naked hoops. Not today though, tomorrow I'll be set though!

Until then I will be watching Steel Magnolias on the Oxygen channel (my god why is it that you can have 300 channels and not a thing on to watch?) and listening to the dogs snore incessantly.

May your Saturday be more productive than mine but still lack all of the stress!


Trailboss said...

Girl, you know you are nuts don't you? haha

Pam said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on Mama.
PS: I sell Gas Chromatographs, no Mass Spectormetors though.