Friday, December 7, 2007

I got day passes for this weekend!

I get to go home during the day on Saturday and Sunday! It makes me soooo happy. It's way too hard to relax in a hospital setting. I love my pt people and all but it's damn loud here and sooo bustling that it's hard to nap/sleep/heal. I'm worried about my roomie though. I try to take care of her while I'm here. She has no family or visitors and the nurses are going to drive her insane. They come in to start torturing her at like 5 am. Turning on all the lights and yelling "Good Morning how are you this morning?". I want to beat their heads in, I don't think she has any warmer feelings towards them either. She has diabetes so they are constantly pokeing her. They pulled her Foley catheter this morning and decided to replace it this evening. How cruel was that? She also has no use of her left side, apparently it also hurts like hell. The nurses will go over to get her bp and I'll tell them that her left arm is bruised all to hell and hurts her, don't touch it. Then I hear them talking to her about her arm and start touching it. She starts moaning in pain then and I just want to reach over and smack them. I mean WTF, what part of don't touch, major pain didn't you get? She's taken to the hospital everyday for dialysis too so her body is not doing so great in general. And her family has just abandoned her. I'm going to worry about her this weekend. At least I'll be here at night.

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Joan said...

Oh, how sad. You sound like a marvelous person.