Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home Again!

Cross your fingers that all goes well, they let me out!! Yesterday morning B came to spring me from rehab. It's sooo nice to be home again, my own bed, my own shower, ahhh the little things in life! Waking up with little to no feeling in ones limbs because there are just that many snoring dog bodies on you. My neurologist would probably have a fit.
Roxy had a drs appt yesterday for a lump we found on her toe. Unfortunately she is a boxer and if you didn't know, boxers are cancer factories. Yes, it's probably cancer but we aren't doing the insane stuff that we do on people for her. Surgery maybe, no chemo. If she needs medicinal pot I'm game, there are worse things in life. Plus, prior to being in our home she had a rough life so she deserves what ever good stuff she can get.

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