Saturday, December 29, 2007

The questions!

Because we had our friends lose their daughter I felt the need to go to services this evening. We were ridiculously late but it didn't matter. We told our kid what happened to our friends, we had taken her to their son's 6th birthday so she knew who they were. They were also there when we went to Chanukah services so she wanted to know if they would be there tonight to but we explained to her that even though they flew back into town today that they had been in an accident and would not be ready to got out and about and visit for awhile yet. She then followed up with all the morbid questions that kids have about accidents and death (because we, as people, are nosey, and children have no reason to not ask). We then had to go into what we don't ask people that have had something bad happen to them because it is too upsetting and of course then she asks why. Tack and social grace is such a fun thing to teach a 6 yr old but I don't want her asking details of how our friend's daughter died when she sees our friend. Such morbid questions from such a young mind, too much Cartoon Network you think?

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