Monday, December 24, 2007

The evening screamfest

We have one every night over dinner. The kid complains about everything in her dinner, from what it consists of to the texture to needing a different fork to why can't I have (insert other food of choice here). It takes her well over an hour to finish and by then we've been yelling at her for at least 30 minutes. She tries to get in long conversations about other things and the like, what she's having for dessert (not getting dessert babe). We've been over indulgent parents for way too long and are now reaping the benefits. Christmas Eve and we're telling her we have Santa's cell phone number. It's really bad tonight. Really bad. The hubby's going to need therapy soon. The kid already does so that's a given. She's been consistently bad lately, she doesn't listen. At all. I think she's traumatized from watching me get sick. Like everything she's heard from adults lately has freaked her out so bad she's just going to stop listening. Can you blame her?

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horsebroad said...

How I used to love evening meals:)! I know exactly what you're talking about. I had a daughter and son 12 years apart, and it would always be a screamfest because one didn't like the meal, one ate "like a pig", one "kicked me under the table", and on and on!
I'll be visiting your fair city in March for the George Strait team roping classic!