Monday, December 10, 2007

She did fine

My rooomate is still live and hasn't seemed to have tortured any nurses. We went out and bought her an outfit yesterday so she has something to wear. I think it made her feel better. We also got he toiletries and a hairbrush. Her therapist this morning was able to do adls with her this morning (you need clothing and toiletries to do these evaluations so that's why it hadn't been done yet). The therapist was very grateful to us for getting her things, she brushed her hair and put it up in a pony tail. There are so many old people here that apparently just get dumped. It's sooo sad! This woman has apparently been to this facility before, the nurses recognize her face. I will be going home tomorrow for good but still coming in for outpatient therapy so I'll be in to visit her often. I'll probably get her more clothes too. If we're lucky the nurses will have her clothes washed here (not normally done but she has no one to take care of her so exceptions are made).
So I'll be back at 8am every day and probably stay for 4 hours of out patient therapy. Basically scheduled gym time. Very good for me, it's not like I've ever been into gym time, ew.

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