Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Double ear infection

Because why just do one when you can do both? The dd has cold and a fever she's got the regular gunk that has been going around. We've kept her home for the past 2 days (because we don't believe in torturing other kids and parents) so that we can give her the ibuprofin she needs when her fever goes up. She's been driving us insane (the down side of meds, they make her feel fine enough to be obnoxious). So when I gave her the q-tips to clean out her ears afeter her shower last night she was working on a way to pull out gray matter with them. Then she tells me she has an ear infection and I think "yeah, no big surprise there". She's had 3 or 4, almost always a double. Her first was the evening before her 4th birthday so like many other kids, she's experienced in the pain. I am very glad we caught this one early!!

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