Sunday, December 2, 2007

I really must train the fuzzy uglies

Therapy dogs have been around for awhile. I've always owned a dog that would do well as a therapy dog, it takes a certain personality and my lab had that personality as does my Jaynie (the nut jobber). The dog needs to enjoy training, a lot. Jaynie loves the feed back. Actually he needs the feedback. The fact that I haven't kept up with it is totally my bad and I will remedy the situation, especially in light of my present condition. Roxy hates training, I won't bother her. I haven't even started with Corb, poor thing has a huge shock coming. I am absolutely sure I can make he and Jaynie more productive souls in our household and it'll make them happy. Lets face it, I don't need to retrofit the shower so I don't slip and fall in it, I'll just put Jaynie in there and I'll be fine. He's a friggin' moose, you can't fall on the floor with him around. Damn oaf. I can enroll him in Paws for a Cause though and probably make him an official therapy dog. Corbie would probably do too since he's so small. Jayne is a bit big and can be intimidating, especially with his psycho pit bull eyes. And his mental instabilities. Jaynie: Card carrying member of the Prozac nation!

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Alison said...

I'm so glad this didn't go where my mind went initially.... I know being out of sorts for a few weeks can wreak havoc on a girl's highly-tuned beauty regimen but DAMN! LOL, I really am glad it wasn't about some nurse who saw "the jungle bunny" during bath time and said that it was the spitting image of Jesus...