Friday, December 21, 2007

Last day at school before the holiday

So fortunately the kid was still well and able to go to school for the last day before the holiday. Her party was today and since B was a room parent he had to be there since the room parents are the ones who organize these things. So the kids got all jacked up on cookies and candy and were let go early as long as their parents signed them out. So we got the kidlet a bit early today which was nice, she was still well behaved even with all the sugar in her. The room parents also got a gift basket together and one of the things one of the room parents wanted to do for it was get the parents to give a picture of their kid to us so we could put an album together. B brought the pics to me yesterday and we got a little pic album to put them in and I did that this morning. The hardest part was using rub on letters to make a little thing that said what it was on the window in the front of the album. Not all the pics were the same size so some had to have backs put on them to fit. It worked and there are plenty more pages for more pictures of later in the school year. It was nice and the kids liked it. I would have preferred to do a scrapbook type thing but there was not enough time or pics. Only about half the parents got the pics to us.

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