Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We have the most wonderful friends in the whole world

We will never ever regret moving to this state if not just for the fact that the friends we have here are just amazing. Throughout this whole medical disaster they have gone above and beyond like I've never seen before. The neighbor wives have been feeding my family while I've been gone (and my mil too!) and I've got cards and flowers while in the hospital like you would not believe. While I was sitting here on the computer this evening with the dogs snoring on top of me the doorbell rang. The hubby gathered the dogs and sent them outside and then went to the door. It was carolers, or more specifically, all of our neighborhood friends with their children came bearing gifts and song. It was the sweetest thing ever. You would not believe the gift cards!! As I understand it Candace organized it (she came to visit me in the hospital and complained that the hubby was not asking for her help and it was driving her nuts) and that doesn't surprise me at all, she's just amazing. We got to see a bunch of friends that we (or at least I) haven't seen for awhile and it was great. Really an amazing out pouring of love and generosity from everyone! And it's cold out tonight, they must have all been freezing their butts off.
I must also mention the kitten, you know the one who had thought she was going to move in when I was in the hospital and basically made it into the garage 3 doors down? She showed up during the caroling (dang smart cat). Anyway one of the girls decided to take her home. About an hour later CeCe (Jack's mom) came back and was like, Uh I think my daughter took your kitten. We then explained how the kitten came to be so I think CeCe is keeping it in her garage now. Yeah, that's one smart cat. Anyway, if you're with in a 30 minute driving radius of San Antonio and want a very smart brown tabby girl kitten drop me a line. I can get it to you in no time flat. Anyway, just wanted you all to know that our friends here are AMAZING people that go way above and beyond. You know I'm from So Cal and you're much more on your own there. You get shot on the side of the road and you'd better hope someone from Georgia drives by because anyone else is just going to think you're stupid for getting yourself shot and will keep on going.

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