Friday, January 30, 2009

"How will I have money if I have a husband?"

A question that fell out of my daughter's mouth this evening. I laughed my ass off, the hubby was less than amused. For whatever reason, it seems as though the kid thinks husbands are an expense. Odd, she isn't old enough to really understand the concept of numbers higher than $20 and she has no clue what either of her parents make salary wise. Even if she did know the dollar amounts I seriously doubt she'd know how to compare the two numbers. And why does she think having a husband is expensive? That's not even something she'd learn in a roundabout manner on the Disney Channel or something.

Don't get me wrong, husbands are expensive but don't you think wives are more expensive? I have an entire craft room full of $$ stuff and the hubby just has a closet in the computer room with paintball crap. I mean it's expensive paintball crap but the kid doesn't know that. Again, she couldn't wrap her little mind around that large a $ value. You don't want to know how much we've invested in paintball stuff over the years, it's terrifying really. Five figures maybe? Yeah, it's a fun game. Fun and expensive. That closet is probably worth more than the entire craft room including that insanely expensive sewing machine. We both played and of course I had to have my own set of stuff equal in quality to his. See, wives = more expensive.

I'm still at a loss though, were would she get this idea that if she had a husband she wouldn't have any money? Opposite of the old days where a woman's job in life was to find a man to support her. Good thing too because nowadays if you had to depend on a man to support you we'd all be SOL. See what the bra burners of the 60's and 70's freed us up for? Now we get to do all the things we had to do before and work full time. Great job ladies, thanks! At least the kid understands real life, ugly as it may be. Her daddy told her that she'd grow up, go to college, earn her own money and then someday, if she wanted to, she'd get married and they'd both be earning money. Lets hope so. I know a lot of slacker guys out there that just suck money off of the chick they are with. Maybe she'll be smart and decide to use guys for whatever entertainment they are worth and leave them at their house. See where my priorities are?


aweesan said...

HAHA! I know some gals that are expensive but I seem to know more guys with expensive hobbies-- moreso than merely getting a few seatbelt buckle purses!!!

I sooo wish I was there to hear that comment in person though... ROFL!!!!

MichelleSG said...

IRL the comment was just sooo funny. And the reaction we got from the hunny, oh so classic. He was guffawed but yet had to stop himself. He knew that he was expensive but he was thinking on how to explain how relationships work with out mentioning the fact that he's never earned more than mommy. Kinda awkward at best.