Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bernanke says we're going to bottom out this year

And then start the upward climb by the end of the year. That's not bad considering. The sad part is that I called the recession a recession when it happened, unlike CNN who called it a year after it started. I could have told you that we'd bounce back at the end of this year too. Like where the hell have these people been? I am not an economist by any stretch of the means. All I can figure is that they are so paranoid about pissing people off more that they wait to make 'official announcements' until the thing they are announcing has already come to pass. Useless bureaucrats. I know, you all could have told me that one right?

So what can we expect? I'll tell you what, a crush of enrollment into nursery schools starting in, oh about 1-1.5 years. After every disaster, be it natural or not, there is a baby boom. Seriously. It happened after 9/11 too. During 9/11 I was on may way to work (remember west coast) and I was 8 months pregnant. When my kid turned 3 her grandmother decided it was time to send her to preschool. They hubby's mom watched her during the day so she took over most of the decisions to be made concerning the kid. Don't ask, long sordid ordeal ending with us moving to Texas. Seriously folks, I love my mother in law but she took over many parts of my life that did not need to be taken over. I'm just going to leave that alone there.

Regardless, in August my mil decided to enroll my daughter in preschools. Come to find out they are all booked. Every single one. With waiting lists and apparently if you want in you should have got on the waiting list before the child was born. Well of course we didn't know that the mother in law was going to do this and she can't put the kid in anything without us enrolling her anyway, we being, you know, the parents and all. We asked around and come to find out the reason everything is booked is because of the 9/11 baby boom. Right after the disaster people started breeding like nuts and, of course, had to enroll them in daycare. Since the mother in law had taken care of her for her first 2 years of life she didn't know about this population boom. I just happened to be pregnant during a not so natural disaster. Go figure.

So back to the beginning of my circuitous thought process. In the middle of all this financial muck don't be surprised if in, oh about a year or two, we have this glut of little babies and over booked preschools. We are planning on having another once the hubby gets a job with a regular work week. And we plan on hiring a nanny because dang, finding a preschool to take an infant? And the cost? Lordy, it's just easier to get a nanny. Hey at least this time we're planning on having a kid...novel idea huh?

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