Friday, May 15, 2009

I am not a Star Trek fan

This is a review, in case ya’ll were wondering. Don't want to pull a fast one on ya or anything...

Star Trek, The Future Begins
I tell you what, I’ve never been a Trekkie. Star Trek has never been my thing which is kinda odd seeing as how me and almost all of the people I hang with (and the one I married) are sci fi geeks. Of the highest order might I add. Dungeons and Dragons (still play it) and all the dorkdom it entails, thank you very much. Star Trek? Never really did it for me so when the hubby said he wanted to see it, even more than the new Wolverine movie (very odd for him) I was like, um ok, whatever floats your boat. I am not a big Marvel fan either so it was 6, ½ dozen the other to me.

I was not expecting to be terribly thrilled with either movie choice so when we were running a bit late and the hubby was getting all uptight about it, like hubbies do, I was like, ‘k whatever. Such a loving wife huh? We weren’t that late though, he got popcorn (a bad addiction of his, he’ll make himself sick off of it before he’ll stop eating it) and sodas and the trailers weren’t even over yet. No big, theaters expect everyone to be running late.

I knew by the end of the opening sequence that this film was another masterpiece from J.J. Abrams. This film is STELLAR, just amazing on so many different levels I wouldn’t even know where to start. Oddly enough I think the Trek fans will like it less than those of us who are non fans. I mean I’ve seen a few of the tv episodes and maybe 1 or 2 of the movies but I was never a Shatner fan. Well that’s not entirely true, I loved what he did as a possum in Over the Hedge. I don’t think they could have picked a better actor for that part. Seriously folks, if you haven't seen him as the dad possum go rent it, it’s damn funny.

Anyway, why do I think the fans won’t like it and the rest of us will? Dude, they played the time space continuum card and basically jacked everything prior to this film. They changed the history of Star Trek and they did it while kicking some serious ass. It was wild, I don’t know how they did it and made it all play out so smoothly but dang it was good. The action is fabulous, it must be seen on the big screen. Fat home tv’s just aren’t going to cut it. You can tell the guys who wrote the screen play for Transformers (Orci and Kurtzman) wrote this one too. It wasn’t a copy of that action but it did have the same flavor and you know, I love Transformers. LOVE IT. Like planning a Transformers tattoo of some sort. Seriously.

The Future Begins starts just before the birth of James T. Kirk and if you were a Trekkie you’d probably know from the get go that they were changing history with this one. It starts off with a dramatic event that didn’t happen to the original Kirk. An ‘alternate timeline’ as it were. You get to see all of the crew when they started out in the academy, when Kirk meets Bones, oh and the humor. Even if you only know a wee bit of the original Star Trek you’ll be able to catch all the little things. The cast they picked did an awesome job following all the character traits of the original actors/characters, oh it is just too cool! And so funny!

No lie people, you must go see this I the theater. Trust me, iz gud, you’ll love it!

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