Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm a sad sad scrapbooker

In honor of it being Scrapbook Expo weekend in San Diego, an event I go to every year with my friend Anna Marie, I am exposing my greatest faults as a scrapper. And coming to terms with the fact that I am poor and could neither afford to fly out to San Diego for the Expo nor go to the classes or buy stuff. *sigh*, life in a recession sucks doesn't it? But that's not a good enough excuse for my present failings since they've nothing to do with money really, it's pure lack of time motivation, and self discipline. Not that any of you have these problems I'm sure but I have a need to come out on the internets and lay it all out for you all.

Originally this blog was started because I am a scrapbooker. You can post a photo of your project on their forums but for detailed instructions people posted them on their respective blogs and linked them. Yeah I did that a few times and I really liked it but somehow sometime scrapping got squeezed out of the time priority. Life became more of a priority and you lucky folks get to listen to my prattling instead. Sorry about that.

A long long time ago I married my husband. It was a long sordid ordeal but I don't need to go into that now. No no, this is about the fact that I am a scrapbooker with and entire room of what not purposed specifically for making said scrapbooks. Did I ever take the oodles of photos from my wedding and do a damn thing with them? No. I made 3 pages with them. They were very pretty, I just never did another. See

And that's all she wrote....
Mind you I can still do the scrapbook, it's not going anywhere. And maybe someday when my child stops tossing my scrapbook room everytime I turn my back I'll have some peace in there to be creative. She may be 20 by the time that happens though so I'm not holding my breath. I can still work on it then though.

In the meantime I was tossing around the idea of making a photobook. I process most of my photos through Costco. You can store your pictures there and order them all on line. Kind of like Photobucket and Snapfish and all the others only at Costco I can pick up my photos really quick and I don't pay for shipping. This past week P Dub ran a contest where you could win 5 photobooks on Snapfish and I entered. I always enter contests but really, when over 19,000 people enter what are the chances of winning? Apparently Snapfish was expecting around 50 people to enter. Boy did they misjudge her popularity, I think we shut down their servers.

On the upside Snapfish decided to step up to the plate and did something very very smart, they gave out a coupon for 50% off coupon good for 2 days (so it didn't go viral). It was supposed to end like today at noon or something. It may still work but at 11:30 I was still adding wedding photos to their website. I hadn't used those photos for my entry so I was cutting it close by doing it all this morning but hey 50% off! I wonder if there was a bunch of people like me deciding at the last minute to create an album and get it for half off. I chose the 8x11 classic book and I think after tax and shipping I paid $20.99. Not bad at all and now I will have a picture book of our wedding! It's not something that I thought I needed but it was something I had been meaning to get around to. Some year. Had Snapfish not run the special would I have done it? Probably not but they said the coupon would only last until noon today so it seems as though I'm one of those deadline people. Big surprise! OK not so much. But it happened and I'm glad of it. I think I'm really going to like it too.

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