Thursday, May 21, 2009

Confessions of a reading addict...Hi my name is.....

#1) No, I have not touched Twilight. I do, however, expect to fully adore the book and I haven't even read the back cover. I don't know what it's about but trust me, I'll love it.

#2) You know how I was expecting the kid to take my money and buy some useless book-like thing with dodads? Well shame on me for having too little faith in my child. She bought 2 chapter books for a series we've been reading with her. Totally her level books and just for the sake of being the little girl that she is one of them came with a fluffy pen. I'm good with that, she bought chapter books with all of her money. I am very proud of her and everybody is happy.

#3) I did start to read the book I bought for the hubby. I love it so much that I am not only half way through but when the hubby got home I started reading it aloud to him. It's so easy to read (set up like little quippets from daily teaching life) that I managed to read aloud almost half of the book to him. It's a really really wonderful book that I'd recommend to anyone. Laugh out loud funny and makes you appreciate teachers all the more.

I made this purchase with a specific goal in mind and I did not expect to love it as much as I do. I only started reading it because I went out to lunch by myself and like to read while waiting for my food. Could not put that book down it is so good. Seriously folks, it's like $6 and change on Amazon. If you are making an order from Amazon put it on your list. You will not regret it.

I bought it to try and get the hubby into the "I love being a teacher and I miss it" mode. Every teacher becomes a teacher for their love of children and watching them grow. I think in the maelstrom of hell that was the San Diego Unified School District he had been tortured so bad that he had lost sight of it. This book was to bring him back down to the important part of why he is a teacher. It did that in the first 3 pages. Mission accomplished even if I got no housework done last night. Awesome. Book.

Weekend plans already set in stone: Guests are arriving tonight from San Diego. We are having a party Saturday night and the guests from SD are here until Monday morning. I have Monday off (so does the hubby, WOW NOVEL) and as such I am going to become one with the couch and Twilight. I could have finished cleaning the house last night in preparation for all this but I read instead. See how my schedule has it's priorities? No touching Twilight until after the people have left. The book I am on now is sucking up my time as it is....

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