Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I think Mother Nature is having menopause issues, as in hot flashes

Per the National Weather Forecast :
Temperatures will be well above average across much of Texas and Oklahoma. The hottest spot will be southern and west-central portions of Texas where record-breaking 100s are forecast.

Holy howdy hello has it been hot around here. I don't know what it's like in ya'lls hometown but good gawd we're dying out in south central Texas. The good news is that, unlike California, we're not too proud to admit we need a/c. The humidity is a lot worse than normal too, more like Corpus Christi or Houston like we're near the coast or something. It makes it hard to breathe it's so nasty. I'm not used to it and none of us are liking it. Big surprise right?

Today it was about 91 degrees, as I type this it is 10:40pm and it's 82 outside but it feels like (I love this option they have on weather reports, 'feels like') 88 degrees. It's almost 11pm!! It's killing me man, I'm not used to this humidity. Feels like freaking Florida. No rain mind you. The air feels so thick though it feels as though it should rain. And yet, no.

The temperature for the next 10 days or so is going to be in the upper 90's. Yes, we expect this weather in Texas. No, we do not expect it so early in the year. We had a very mild winter and all the plants are seriously confused. They are still chugging on along but only really surviving the heat because the water in the air is thick enough for them to live on. Great for plants, not so cool for us. Breathing = hard.

Here at our subdivision we have a basketball court, volley ball court, and 3 pools all in the same clubhouse area. We have been going to the pool every night. There is a basketball pick up game going on every night until the lights turn off at 10pm. I am just waiting for them to have to call an ambulance because someone collapses of heat exhaustion. I'm serious, it's nutters and I can't believe those men can keep it up for the like, 4 hours they play for. I bet they smell awful by the time they get home, ick.

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