Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh yeah, I went there

The hubby and I are readers. OK well maybe that's not a realistic word to be using for what we are. We are obsessed with books. We've been known to not live in the real world due to a good book. Just let our life run amok while we delve into some really good pages and ignore the world around us. He always has a book no him, they are piled around our house and tucked in every bathroom and both cars. He, more than I, has a book that he's always reading. Sometimes more than one at once. The kid? Well her's is an uphill battle. She's still drawn to the books that come with charm bracelets and whatnot. We won't buy them for her anymore, it drove us batty.

We are practical in our book buying though. We normally frequent Half Price Books because, well, in the kind of volume we go through books it'd be terrible for us to buy full price. We wouldn't be able to pay our mortgage, seriously. This week is the book fair at the kid's school. We let her get a book or two from there most times it comes. She is not suffering from a lack of books, we just restrict them to the ones that are at her level and don't come with jewelry, a diary, or sparkly pens. Because we're Scrooges and she has all that crap and she won't read the book attached to it. Her love of reading will come later I'm sure, I have faith. She's inherited all of our other bad ocd traits I don't see why this one won't show up eventually.

So today her class goes to the book fair at 11am. I was going to go with her if they went first thing this morning but alas, not to be. So I gave her $10 (and sadly, no restrictions) and told her to get what she wanted. I was supposed to take her to it last night when they had parent night but we forgot. We had our nails done last night and went out for Subway afterwards, I wasn't ignoring my parental duties! So this morning I went to look at what they had at the book fair after I dropped her off at class. Just in case there was something that I knew she'd want I wanted to know how much it cost. She's pretty predictable in her book tastes so I wanted to get a feel for how many of the dodad books I was going to have to contend with. I gave her $10 and no restrictions, what the hell was I thinking? I was tired this morning, seriously. I went to the bathroom and realized I put my panties on inside out and was too damn tired to bother righting them. Shh don't tell anyone I told ya'll that.

Fortunately there were very few books with dodads stuck to them. Unfortunately I did find they had a grown-up section (no, not adult, grown up). I need more books like I need another hole in the head. Now mind you I am not reading a damn thing right now. Unlike my hubby this is not terribly unusual for me. I am like an addict when it comes to books and I can't do anything else but become absorbed in a book when I get a good one. It's bad so I restrict myself to book reading only when I have the time. It's like that whole having a kid when the time is right. It never happens. Which means I stop reading until I just can't help it anymore and I have to read. I don't drink or do drugs but really, who needs them when there are good books to read?

So I'm going through the grown up section and I see Twilight. Ok now I have a friend with the whole series and she's been telling me she's sending them out to me. And I've been waiting for close to a year now. It's so not going to happen this decade. So I've been waffling about buying it myself (it's like $10, not exactly a trauma) but I know once I start I won't be able to stop and then I need them all. I haven't even been out to Half Price Books to look to see if they have it. I try not to go there, it's like an addict going to a crack house, bad bad bad. Anyway the book fair (of course) had all of the Twilight series sitting out there. Proceeds go to the school you know! Of course it's the richy school so it's not like they are hurting but still. I was still on the fence about it though but they had this other book there too, 32 third graders; one class bunny and you know how the hubby is trying to get back into teaching right? I took one look at a little quip inside this book and had to have it. It's funny even if you aren't a teacher, this man is hysterical. Amazon has an option for you to read the first pages on it, take a look. It's adorable!

So with that in hand I had to get Twilight too. I mean if I'm going to buy the one I of course need to buy the other. What is it that makes my brain do this? You know if I hadn't found the cute book I may not have even bought Twilight. And I've been looking to read Twilight for ages. This makes no sense at all whatsoever to me. Anyone else out there have some freaky shopping logic that makes no sense? It can't just be me, they have marketing people come up with this crap somehow I know it.

I have now begun the Twilight saga. Almost. It's my birthday party weekend and we have guests flying in Thursday night and no less than 20 people over for a bbq on Saturday. The house is a mess and the grass in the back yard hasn't been mowed since mid 2008 (don't worry, no rain means no grass growing, kinda). My front flower beds look awesome though! Regardless, we have lots to do so I will not crack that book until after the guests are gone. Seriously I can't, I know Stephanie understands me on this one right Steph? I can't lose my 12 days yet, must get though birthday/holiday weekend first.


Stephanie said...

Oh my God. I can't handle this. What if you don't like it?! I'm so nervous now. On the one hand, if you have that much to do, then yeah, you might as well wait to start it. But, on the hand... if you wait, are you building the anticipation even more? And then what if it's not as good as you were led to believe??? And then you delete me from your Reader and refuse to comment on my blog ever again?! I can't handle this kind of pressure.

Anonymous said...

That series is sooooo addicting! I've read it twice through already...I have this quirk where after I read a book I have to let it sit for a while before I can read it again or it just doesn't hold my attention. AWESOME books!