Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm here

No seriously I am. I have just been annoyingly bogged down by life and I find it, well, annoying. We had 2 kids' birthday parties to go to today (one of them is the beautiful baby in this picture). Yes, for those of you who don't have children and have yet to experience this part of parent hell, the fact that I didn't strangle anyone is a total miracle. I actually got out of the one from 10am-12, I sent the hubby instead. I would have really liked to skip the 3-5 one too but the parents are good friends of ours and I normally love hanging with them. Of course since it was their party they did not have time to socialize with just one person so it was not a fun as I'd like. I suppose that's the universe telling me I am not the center of the world but I never really listen anyway, why start now?

I have been taking a lot of pictures and have every intention of writing no less than 5 blog posts with all of them. Once I get them off of the camera and that may be awhile.

In the meantime I will leave you with this, Twilight got better after the middle of the book. Seriously. I am almost done with the second book now (which, btw, is a re-worked version of Romeo and Juliet). I can fully understand why teens love these books and I think parents should appreciate them too. They are like Laurel K. Hamilton's books rated G. Which is good, one of Hamilton's major faults is that she has too much sex and violence in her books. It get real old real fast. So much so that you are bored of it by chapter one. Stephanie Meyer does a fabulous job of keeping the adult reader intrigued but dumbed down enough that a younger reader would not get lost. She has the main character refer to the Romeo and Juliet story no less than 5 times in the first half of the book. If you didn't 'get it' it's because you weren't paying attention at all. I am much more into the books now and will probably get the third book. It's good. I've read better writers but really, this is good. Someday when my kid gets to this level of reading I think it'll be much better to have her read these than the romance novels I was reading when I was 10. They were a bit much for that age level. Of course Meyer also goes into all the nuances of teen relationships and does it perfectly. All the heartache, tears and oh I am never going to get over my first love crap we all go through. Oh it's good too, you don't think it's as lame when you're reading it as it is in real life. Man you couldn't pay me enough to go through those years again.

I'll be back soon, with flighty photos and random babbling. Oh and I got a new lens for my camera for my birthday. It's back ordered (of course) and I won't get it until mid June but I'm ok with that, I still plan on being into camera fun by then!

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