Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A 'quickie' update and a random pic from LOL dogs

I have ton of pictures and random stories from the party this past weekend. And the guests we had from California. I missed them as soon as they left the house but more on that later, when I download the pictures (no I still haven't installed Photoshop Elements, this me me, being real) because we all know a post is useless without the pictures. I put this one up because I am absolutely sure this is what Roxy looked like before she was used an abused by whatever sad excuse she had for previous owners. She's such a beautiful dog.

Back to where I was going with this post (yes, I have a direction, it's just circular, as per the norm) I did so much this weekend but I also did as I told you all I would do. On Monday (after our guests left) I plunked myself down on the couch with the frog dog Corbin on my lap (he has a thing for my lap and my lap only) and a certain book in my hands. Random snacks and drinks may or may not have been within arms reach. Along with the phone and all 3 remote controls. No I was not watching tv as I was reading Twilight. The kid sometimes watches things I do not prefer her watching, it's easier if I just keep the remotes and change it at will.

So here begins my book saga. The hubby was sweet enough to stop by another Half Price Books (we hit up 2 others while our guests were out) and found me the second book in the series. One of the guests that was here actually has the downloadable versions of the first 3 books that he sent me. Of course I'm a purist and do prefer the paper versions so if I run across the 3rd at Half Price then I will probably buy it. If I stay with the series that long.

I am fully halfway through the first book. Not quite enough that I can give ya'll a full and final review but I do get a good sense of the writing. Now don't think that me reading half of the book in one day means it's a good book. I am a damn fast reader. Seriously folks, 1000 pages in a weekend can be done without really being into the book, just having it there as a convenient distraction. If it were bad though I'd only be about a quarter of the way through it. I read books the way some people chew bubblegum. It doesn't have to be good gum, just chewable. It doesn't have to be a good book, just readable.

I can see why tweens and teens love this book, it's very good reading, especially for that age/maturity level. Don't get all bent out of shape Stephanie, I'm not done yet. I think the problem I'm having with it, and it's not so much a problem as a lack of love that everyone else seems to have, is that there are several books/authors I can name off hand that are so much better. One in that age/maturity group no less. Now ok, that sounds really vain (especially since everyone loves these books) but I've read a lot of books. I've read a lot of books in this genre. You may think there are lot of good books in this genre but no, there is a lot of crap in this genre though.

The one author that comes to mind first, who is also in the same adolescent age range, is Garth Nix. I didn't even know he was writing for adolescents his writing is so mature. I didn't notice as in I had already read and entire series of his and went to a book store, a sci fi bookstore no less, to find more and they pointed towards the childrens section. I fully admit I was totally embarrassed. Not that I should have been though, a good book is a good book and there is just no two ways about it. Now he's not a vampire writer, he's just sci fi with a young, strong, female heroine (yes honey that was a redundancy, get over it) and he does a stellar job of bringing the reader totally into the book, all of them really.

If romance/horror/vampires are your thing I have 2 recommendations. The first I love, the second I used to love but have decided her nuances drive me insane. It's entertaining still though so I consider it mental bubblegum so I'll include her in.
High up on my list (and Stephanie pay attention here) is Charlaine Harris. She's the one who wrote the books the Trublood HBO series is based on. DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW thinking you will get the same experience, trust me it doesn't work like that. Plus it's HBO, they thrown in a bunch more nudity and sex than any show needs unless it's porn. I have read all of the books and they are insanely WONDERFUL. If you 'liked' Twilight then Harris is going to knock your socks off. Seriously.

The other author, that I find mildly annoying, is Laurell K. Hamilton. She does both vampires and fairies but they are 2 separate book series that overlap on occasion. She's very good but her fashion sense is stuck somewhere in the mid 80's and she always describes clothing in great length. Men in white lace sleeves? No.

I am going to finish Twilight in the next few days and when I do I'll let you know what I really think. I am not yet ready to give it a yea or nay, I just read enough to know that Meyer is not nearly as good as some other authors I know. Ya'll can burn me at the stake later.


MichelleSG said...

My friend sent me this comment:
And why does no one mention Anne Rice when reviewing or discussing Twilight? It's like a general amnesia?
And to this I answer, because Anne Rice sucks. I hate her writing and to vampire novels she is like what Hot Topic is to the goth wardrobe. not quite right. Too mainstream maybe? Regardless I stopped reading her about 1996. So yes, I have read enough of her stuff to warrant a caustic review of her worth.

Stephanie said...

I love that you commented on your own blog.

Anyway, let me tell you this: As I was reading the Twilight series, people would ask me "is her (Stephenie Meyer's) writing that good??" To which I'd reply, "No, it isn't. I've read much, much better, but there's just something about it..."

And, by "it," I didn't necessarily mean her writing, but the story, the characters, etc. Obviously you know I was thoroughly sucked in.

If you don't dig it, I don't think I'll cry too much. But I can't wait to hear your opinions.