Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I feel great today!

These were the first words out of my child's mouth this morning when she climbed out of my bed (her alarm goes off she climbs in my bed, we go back to sleep, it's a ritual). I thought to myself I wish I could say the same. Ahh age, it really gets to you after awhile doesn't it? By the time she came back upstairs after eating her breakfast though she was dragging. Too optimistic? I suppose. She had a great day on Monday. Her fav class, art, was Monday (they alternate between art, PE, computers and music) and when I went to pick her up from her after school at gymnastics the main guy was testing her to see where she was at. Apparently the tall skinny no ass kids are ringers for getting onto the teams. She has been asking me about getting on the team. I guess one of the other girls was recently invited to the team and my kids was envious. Big surprise there right?

I had to then explain to her that parents didn't get their children on the team, that the kids had to earn their way up. Since she had only been going sporadically (remember, daddy had those weird shifts) she wasn't advancing very quickly and plus I don't think she was taking it very seriously. Once I explained that though, oh boy look out. Even the teachers came up to me and commented on how much more she was trying. Life lessons huh? I swear we all learn them before the age of 10, most people just don't pay attention.

Monday she was evaluated and she was invited on to the 2-3 level team. She was thrilled! And all about buying the new team leotard. Since, you know, it's all about what you get to buy right? I was very proud of her for reaching her goal so quickly, she'd only been told about having to earn her way up 2 weeks ago. The only down side is that she is going to her grandmothers in San Diego for the entire summer. Last day of school (and her gymnastics) is June 4th. Yes that's right, I gave my kid away for 3 months. I think my hubby is going to have some serious separation anxiety. So I didn't start her out on the team and won't until she gets back in the fall. I did, however, mention to her that she has to perfect her cartwheel over the summer (it's not all that) and then I called her grandmother. Who promptly looked into half day gymnastics camps for her so that she can continue on with her new skills.

Have I mentioned that kids are expensive? And damn, what is up with all of the thousands of different programs you can put them into? I'm really glad neither I nor the hubby are terrorists when it comes to after school projects/sports/what not. These kids can get overinundated so quickly! We've so far had her do ballet (age 3-5 and she performed on stage, big performance), swim (she's a fish so I suspect we'll have her in this again, someday), theater (she has another summer camp for this at her grandmother's), and gymnastics. Now don't judge, we only actually did gymnastics because she was bored with the YMCA afterschool care she was in and the gymnastics was only $30 more a month. Well until she gets on to the team that is. I'm pretty sure that, just like all the rest of the sports, this will cost us more in the end. I tell you what though, if she tells me she's got too much on her plate that's it, none of the sports crap. I see what soccer moms do every weekend and all week nights and I am sooo grateful that my kid does not do soccer. Ick, I hate that sport. The kid has only done one of these activities at any given time too, I don't believe in doubling up. I'm not a stay at home mom you know, I'd go insane. Not with the stay at home mom part, with the insane schedules these kids keep!

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