Thursday, May 7, 2009

Play time with Corbin

My poor dogs, they have it so rough. Especially Corbin, he's so small that playing with the big dogs kicks his butt and kinda gets him too worked up. I mean he has to practically walk on his hind legs to get to the big dogs and they tend to ignore him like a gnat. Yeah, rough life. Every once in awhile the hubby gets him all riled up while getting down on his level. The big dogs would never lower themselves to such indignities. Corbin looooves his play time. What I didn't get a picture of (because it's an action and not a still shot) is after they were done Corby was out in the hall and did a sneak attack on the hubby while he was standing in the room talking to me. It was such a funny cat like action. Corbin is an anvil with legs, cat like actions are rare and far between with him. So we're standing there and Corbin comes tearing in full speed and tags the hubby. Hubby looks down at stopped fuzzy-ever-so-sly-anvil and starts to laugh his ass off. That dog is such a funny little idiot, it's terribly endearing.


Trailboss said...

What a sweetie! You really must post tons of pictures of your babies.

MichelleSG said...

I will, more later today, promise!

Stephanie said...

Seriously. That is freaking adorable!