Sunday, May 17, 2009

There are other reasons

My hubby actually posted a new post to his blog Sunday. It's been decades, I think his last post was April 4th and the post before that was mine. Odd that he is not a big blogger, the man is constantly writing. The spiral notebooks all over the house are full of his scrawlings. Regardless, the topic of his post today was his new job change. No he has not made it out of the corrections officer job he has just switched positions inside the prison, he now works in the law library. The regular shift jobs there are either 'A' or 'B' card. Both are 4 days on, 4 days off. 'A' card is the day shift 'B' card is the night shift. The hubby was 'A' card. 'H' card, however, is the mon-fri 8-5 gig. Being on 'H' card would mean that the hubby would not be able to carpool as he did before (only 1 other person rather than 1 person for every day worked). It would mean that he left the house at a normal hour, 6am, and came home around 6:30 pm. Plus he'd be home weekends (they work one Saturday a month in the law library, no big) and holidays too. Yeah that's right 'A' and 'B' card shifts don't get holidays off, prisoners always need babysitters since they don't play well with others.

The positives in this case outweigh the negatives. It is still at the prison, it is still dangerous, and it is still 90 friggin miles away. His schedule is the same every week though and we have him on weekends and holidays and he gets home earlier, doesn't wake at 3 am and doesn't constantly suffer from sleep deprivation. 4 days off was great and all but more often than not it was during the week and he was home alone. Sleeping. Not much good having half the time off when all you do is sleep now is it? Don't get me wrong, ultimately his goal is to have a regular elementary school teaching job come fall. No more prison crap but in the mean time we get the hubby back so it is a degree of better. I'm all about degrees here people and every little bit helps.

As to why he ended his post with 'There are other reasons' well that's one of our long term goals we've been putting off for awhile. A really long while. We never planned on having just one kid. I was an only child (thankfully no one else had to endure my mother) and the hubby had an older brother. 5 years older to be exact so it wasn't like they were very close as children either. We would have liked to have 2 kids closer together in age but after the kid was born life was insane. Plus, living in So Cal? OMG it was so expensive we never lived in a place big enough for just the 3 of us. It wasn't just impractical it was impossible.

Right now it's only kinda impractical. We made the decision that once the hubby got a job that was relatively normal we'd start trying. If one waits for 'the perfect time' the human race would cease to exist. I am a true believer in this and lordy knows I am not getting any younger. It chaps me that I know people who are totally incapable of taking care of themselves (i.e. over 30 and still living with their parents, kid you not) that have no less than 2 kids. It drives me batty. People like us, college degrees, own a home, moderately successful and yet we have waited almost 7 years (the kid will be 8 this year) because we want to be at least a bit responsible about procreating? The justice in this world, totally non-existent. The hubby is getting tired of me complaining that everyone else is breeding but us. I swear these people in Texas are like friggin bunnies. The last couple we knew that had just 1 kid (and we are the minority) are having another. Sadly this is Little Miss M's parents and she's such a terror I think her parents should be sterilized. Good thing I didn't give them my blog address huh? Oh never mind, not like I say anything on here I wouldn't say to their faces, I'm real nice like that.

Regardless June is the month we are starting on this new adventure. Of a planned pregnancy. Novel! That last one, as wonderful as she is, was not on the agenda and put a big ol speed bump in the hubby's grand plan. OK he's not much of a planner but it really was not was he was looking for at the time. How's that for neutral? My bad, you can just call me speed bump from now on. Lord knows thats how big I get when preggers. I am officially 36 on the 28th of May, that puts me smack dab into 'old' as far as ob/gyns are concerned. They do things like stick needles in your placenta at 20 weeks and all kinds of hideous tests I'll probably opt not to have. Much to everyone's dismay I'm sure. If this plan comes to fruition ya'll will probably get an earful of info you probably just never really wanted to know. Well except for Trailboss and her 2 daughters already moving on to have babies at the same time (how cool is that?). My apologies in advance.

Wish us luck, we're so going to need it...

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Stephanie said...

Well, if we don't see much of you in June, I guess we'll know why. (Wink-wink. Grin.) Good luck!