Friday, May 8, 2009

My daddy has these damn books

These books are the bane of the residents of this household. The hubby is a gamer (as in Dungeons and Dragons), actually we both are but he's the DM (dungeon master) so he needs the reference books. We have no less 60 of these monsters stacked all over the house and normally in piles. On the couch, next to the couch in the bathrooms. Don't ask, they drive me and the kid nuts because they blend in to to color of the floor and the couch and we end up kicking them and breaking our toes. When they are on the couches there's no room to sit. This chocolate chair that Jaynie is wedged in is a small chair, big people can't fit in it. My hubby has a waist line almost smaller than mine (yes, I do find that fact annoying) so he fits in it just fine. We never actually gave the size of this chair any thought until we had larger friends come over. Not very comfy looking for them.

Jayne usually likes to get on the couches but he doesn't like having anything up on them. If there's a pillow or a remote control or a piece of paper up on it he'll stare at it until you remove it. He's very indignant about this, the look on his face if you don't immediately remove it is classic. When I took this picture he hadn't even asked for the books to be moved. He wanted up so bad that he just squeezed up there and pretended they weren't there. He tried real hard to not touch them but the chair, it's too small!


Trailboss said...

Such a sweetie. I am loving your pictures.

MichelleSG said...

Ask and ye shall receive!