Saturday, June 6, 2009

And old teen fascination...(plus pics for 362)

In my youth I was not allowed to have pets. We lived in an apartment where no pets were allowed. This kind of drove me to a liking of the odder pets. Ones you can easily hide in apartments that don't allow pets. At one point I even had parrots (most horrid pets ever) and then there was my chinchilla which was a love that continued on until now. I still have one but he's frail so we keep him in his ENORMOUS cage in the eat in part of the kitchen so he's still part of the family life. No we don't ever use our dining room, we just eat in that part of the kitchen. Sadly it doesn't even matter if we have 15 guests over, we all just prefer it in there. The other fascination I had was with snakes. I had one, little garter snake, but it got lost, found, and eventually died from wounds it got while lost. The neighbor found it in the mouth of a cat.

The love of snakes though, and the belief that they are wonderfully beautiful, has not left me. My new minion at work (I'll get to his story eventually, really) makes reptile enclosures as a hobby. Beautiful things that have moss, running water, bromeliads and ferns molded rock formations and whatnot. So there was a reptile show this weekend that he had a stand at and I wanted to take the kid to go and see it. You know, her and her love of pink snakes right? So we went. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures but I didn't know if some of the vendors had a problem with it so I only took a few on the way out. And to prove just how easy my point and shoot camera is to use (even though I still want a more complex one) the kid took off with it at one point and took some shots too. I think the hubby taught her how to use it because her pics came out perfect. BTW, did you know in Texas you can buy just about any poisonous snake out there? You have to sign waivers before they sell you an entrance ticket. I'm not all that into deadly snakes but man are they pretty. Don't worry, we only took pictures of the things we actually wanted to buy! The above photo is of a tree python. They are normally green but apparently they also come in that lovely yellow and this awesome red. The picture of the red one didn't come out, my camera focused right on through the plexiglass to a woman standing like 10 feet behind the case. Damn over achieving camera. See now this is why I want to be able to focus the camera myself!

The kid wanted a tortoise and the little tiny electric blue geckos, they were tiny tiny!!


Stephanie said...

Sorry, I had to skip over the snakes and lizards (shudder) to get to the turtles. I LOVE TURTLES!

MichelleSG said...

They are tortoises! And I love the ones that get REAL BIG. There were a lot of them in San Diego so big that when a house was sold the tortoise was part of the deal. Otherwise they'd have to take out part of the fence line to move it and even then how would they get it to a new place? These suckers were like 4 ft high at the back, weighing a metric butt ton. I always thought I'd love to buy one of those houses!