Friday, June 19, 2009

Did I forget to show ya'll?

At the kid's elementary school they have year books. It's a cute idea, I like year books. But every year? In elementary school? I find that a bit excessive. So we got her one for her first year, in kinder. She won't get another probably until her last year in elementary, 5th grade. So in the final week of school I had her daddy take the camera when he dropped her of and told him to get a picture of her and her teacher so that she could make a card for her teacher. He was great, he not only took a picture of them together but rounded up all the rest of the kids and took a bunch of pictures of them too. He's such an astute hubby.

So when I got all the pictures downloaded I decided to make a brag book for the teacher instead. I still wanted the kid to write something for the teacher so the first page of the book is a thank you for being her 1st grade teacher with a drawing of the kids on the carpet and her teacher teaching. The only writing I did was the kids' names on the inside so the teacher would be able to remember them. I thought it turned out well and I originally started this blog for scrap booking purposes. That being said, here you go. A $3.00 20 minute whip together brag book that took effort from the whole family and is probably worth just as much, if not more, than the teacher getting the year book for that year. And yes I blocked out all of the kids' names out of respect for them and their parents. I'm only slightly paranoid if you haven't noticed.




Trailboss said...

I made sure to get a yearbook every year Steph has been in school and when she is done with them I keep them together as best I can. Someday she will appreciat that! When I was in school we didn't have them until middle school but I like the idea of her being able to look back at her friends the entire time she has been in school. Since she changed schools in 7th grade she has looked several times to them. I guess it is a personal decision. Oh hun, just wait until she is in middle and high school. That is when the big bucks come out!

MichelleSG said...

Joke right? Her preschool had a yearbook. $50. Yes you heard me, $50 for a yearbook of her preschool year. This neighborhood is expensive though. I'm assuming the middle and high school are going to financially crush us.

Death before Decaf! said...

"Fifty dollars?"
(sez B, in his best British-Indian accent)