Friday, June 12, 2009

Just so's ya knows

How many 'english rules' did I just break with that title? I dunno but it may give my hubby a coronary, poor dear. Anyway I know I haven't posted any pictures. That doesn't mean I haven't been taking them. I took probably 20 last night. Of the exact same thing. I'm working on that whole 'learn to use your damn camera woman' training.

Last night it was aperture. Tonight it's going to be f-stop. I think. It depends on what kind of victims I can find on the other side of my lens and what kind of light is going on outside. If I get home early enough and am not running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (remember the mother in law is still here) maybe my Jaynie will be sweet enough to run around the yard like the deer in dog's clothing that he is. If not then maybe I can get him to do it tomorrow, when it'll be 100 degrees outside + the humidity factor. I do not know how we are going to survive this summer, it's already looking harsh.

I won't be putting a lot of these practice photos up, mostly because they are trash. Seriously if you go through all of your levels of aperture focusing on one thing most of the pictures won't come out. That's why you have the ability to change it, so you can get it to come out. Regardless, for the sake of blogging it's just not all that picture wise. It's an educational thing right?

So what have I learned? I think I may need a tripod. And maybe even an external flash. Seriously, I've never considered owning either of these two items and I've been into photography for decades. Just not practicing. Kinda like most Catholics out there right? Being but not practicing get it? Alright I'll stop now.

Either way my day is kinda in the air because my instrument at work has taken a header and I have to wait until a tech comes out and puts in a new part. So today I may spend some time on the net researching the need for a tripod and/or and external flash. See now just because I don't own a dslr doesn't mean I can't fake it. Or something. We shall see.

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