Wednesday, June 10, 2009


You may notice that I have no photo up today. I got home after dark and was not able to take anything of value inside my home (go figure) but decided instead that I would actually be productive. No I'm serious here. Be productive in respect to photography no less. No I did not install Photoshop, that is not the idea behind this 365 days of shooting photos. The point is to become a better photographer.

I have read P Dub's tutorials on photography and, quite frankly, they did not make sense to me. Flighty women rarely do though so I paid it no heed. Recently Reverand Ryan (linked from P Dub's site, giving props here) decided to do his own set of tutorials and the wonderful man has included the directions to keep us poor folk in the loop. You'll notice that P Dub's are kinda geared towards those who own DSLRs. Ryan's have descriptions and pictures (of the dials on the camera) to include those of us with regular point and shoots.

Tonight I read up on both aperture and shutter speed. Then I went to my camera and figured out where they were and how to change them. I found that I have a separate choice called Manual where I can set both aperture and shutter at the same time rather than only one. This camera is impressing me more and more all the time. Amazing what you can figure out when you read the manual...

So one week in and I have a day without photos but with more knowledge that is going to be put to the test ass soon as I get a free moment! I also have an arrival date for my lens, June 17th. Can't wait!

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Stephanie said...

Well said. I have to keep reminding myself this is about becoming a better photographer... and having fun. 'Cause it should be fun, too. (Otherwise, I'm going to quit before a month passes.)