Friday, June 19, 2009

I am a doofus

In my zeal to get my new lens for my camera (yeah the one my dad bought for my birthday) that I had been waiting on (it was back ordered of course) I completely forgot to order the adapter. See,
Lens (isn't it just the coolest? I can do bokeh with this puppy)

Lens adapter (duh)

And the 2 together (which would be nice)

So I got the lens last Wednesday and thought, I'm an idiot. I then went and ordered the adapter that day and it doesn't even ship until next Monday. Gah, I am not one for patience but in this case there's really not much else to do but wait. Interesting thing to note, you can buy that lens my dad got me from Amazon. When I was looking for the lens to send a link to my dad so he could buy it for me I looked around for the best price (usually Amazon). I found that lens at Dell (where my dad got it from) for $69 + $6 shipping. When I went back to Dell last week it was going for $99 and I just looked again and now it's $119. What the hey howdy are they doing at Dell? This is over a space of less than a month. Maybe the cost of computers is going down but they are upping the price of every thing else. It was $99 at Amazon and now it's $108.95. I wonder what in the world happened in the last 3 weeks to call for a price increase everywhere. Like we're in a recession people, they should be dropping prices!

OK rant is over, I am just waiting impatiently for my adapter now. Expect fun things to come photography wise out here. I am also getting geared up to install Photoshop Elements. Did you hear that? It's the sound of hell freezing over. It happens. On rare occasion.

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