Thursday, June 11, 2009

I’ve got plans

What I don’t have is time. Such is life I suppose though. I have a ton of subjects I want to blog on, just can’t seem to squeeze enough hours out of my day to get them written. I finished those Twilight books, did I mention that? Maybe not, well there you go. I know I have mentioned I’m an avid reader and have been since I was in elementary school. I have reading habits, I’ll call them that. Sure yeah, habits. Maybe it’s just that as you get older you get set in your ways. Yes that’s probably more like it. Regardless I don't normally have biases against books just because I think their authors are freaks. I used to read Stephan King books and you can't tell me that man is well in the head.

So now that I’ve finished the series I am having issues on what I have to say on it. Did I love it? Sort of? Do I have issues with it is probably more the question that I should be answering. Because I do. After going to the author's website I figured out what it was about these books that bothered me so much. The author is Mormon and you can tell by her writing. (SPOILER ALERT) Seriously, a 110 yr old ‘vegetarian’ virgin vampire? That will not sleep with his fiancé because he wants them to be married first? Oh yeah, totally. I get that. Dude you can’t impose Mormon ideals on to a century old vampire and get it to fly, it just doesn’t work like that. I really liked the 4th book and I know why. By the 4th book she married the two off and then they could just take all the morals and toss them out the window. It was still Mormon-y though. A baby? From a vampire? On their first night together? REACHING peeps reaching. It must read great for a 14 yr old but please people, you just aren’t going to get any hokier than that. You could just read the Mormon ideals oozing from the pages, even the man who didn’t get the girl ended up with another girl. The baby. Oh yeah, that’s totally cool. 2 men in the movie who fell in love with babies. What the hell? They couldn’t do sex before marriage but they could find adult male life mates for a 2 yr old and a newborn. I’m sorry, Mormon much? Not saying they were bad books or that I didn’t enjoy them. There was just something weird going on in the back of my mind for a bit that I couldn’t put my finger on. Until I the word Mormon popped up and slapped me upside the head. There are just some religions I do not get. High up on the list are the ones that support pedophiles and marrying within one’s own family. Ew.

Alright I’m done religion bashing. As for the habits thing? Yes I realize I dropped that train of thought, just picking it up at the next station here. I rarely, if ever, re read books. If I do re read them it’s months, maybe years after reading them the first time. I am going to re read these books soon. Like maybe next week. I think I’m going to look at them differently. Again, odd for me. We’ll see, I may like them better this second time around. If I find the friggin time.
Oh and my gf sent me a funny article...
Sexy vampires are destroying our nation's children

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