Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And she's gone....

This summer my mother in law has my kid. She came last Tuesday, stayed for a little over a week and this morning flew back to San Diego with my kid. We'll get her back sometime the first week of August. The first week of August. I haven't even counted how many weeks that is. I think the dogs are going to throw a party.

Oh they'll probably miss her. For like a day. Then they'll realize that they'll all get more walks and more rides in the car. None of them have a hard life but they've never been in a family without a kid and have no idea what life is like when they are the 'kids' of the house. I'm going to not let them get a big head because you know, she's coming back. And even worse we're working on a second and none of them have ever lived with a newborn or toddler. They'd best enjoy this summer because lets face it, it's all downhill from here.

So what's on the schedule for the summer sans kid? I have no idea. I suspect we'll be doing a lot of nothing. Maybe get to go to grown up movies more often. The hubby will be able to sleep in on weekends (I don't get up for the kid on weekends, he does, it's in the marriage contract). Really though our kid is 7, she is a very easy keeper by this age. I think if we have another it'll be a shell shock it's been so long since we did the baby/toddler thing.

I give it 1 week before the hubby starts going through serious withdrawl. About the same length of time it takes the dogs to figure out that it's party time. I'm sure the combination will be amusing! We'll be missing her terribly but on the flip side, she's gone to San Diego for the summer. We should all be so lucky right? She's going to have a ball!


Trailboss said...

Hey girl.........where are you?

MichelleSG said...

Recovering? I's been busy and i just can't seem to keep up. Don't worry, I'm around!