Monday, June 15, 2009

I keep this little notepad

It's in my purse but I only really use it in the car. I suppose I could also use the note function on my computer but it's really hard to drive a stick and type on an iPhone. Actually I only write on the notepad while at a stop light. The hubby is much better at multitasking while driving, much to my dismay. I'd yell at him about it but he really is good at it. Call it a battle I choose not to fight, one really should try and pick the ones you know you can win.

On this note pad I have 2 lists, 1 starting from one side of the pad, the other from the backside. The front one is a grocery list (totally invaluable) and the other are songs I hear on the radio that I want to get for my iTunes list. I've never had to write songs down, the hubby has this awesome talent for knowing all the songs if I just tell him a line or 2 from the song or if it has a distinct sound or melody. Sadly he won't touch country music with a 10 ft pole and promises the Jeep that when he gets it full time (fat chance in hell) that he promises to purge the country from it (again, fat chance in hell). So now I've resorted to jotting down the lyrics to the ones I like and then going to Google them later. Country is so nice and straight forward too, you can always find the song you are looking for with just a few words from the chorus.

I've discovered a few things about the songs I like, many of them have a rastafarian flavor to them and normally I hate, absolutely detest Bob Marley-esque music. Really. Hate it. Oddly it doesn't bother me as much in country. I'm willing to bet it'd make my hubby's skin crawl (he's a Marley hater too) but he doesn't listen to any of it so it's no big.

So here's the deal, I've found I love just about all of Brad Paisley's stuff. He's pretty generic, kinda like the pop of country so this does not surprise me. I like a lot of Kenny Chesney's stuff too which does surprise me (again, that Marley thing), and a little bit of Billy Currington's stuff too. I think I also have a Dirks Bently song and a Rodney Atkins along with it. Really, if you pulled the country top 20 I'd probably like them all. I've only run into 1 band that was 'too country' for me and it grew on me, I'm listening to The Zac Brown Band a lot lately. He's pretty hillbilly but it's still do-able.

I like this one a lot...

And the rest of the list looks pretty generic, I'm going to spend the time to download them tonight. The list is looking a bit messy and if I don't look them up quick I won't be able to read what I wrote. Bad handwriting while driving you know...
If you're going through hell by Rodney Atkins
Then and Little moments by Brad Paisley
Sideways by Dirks Bently
People are Crazy by Billy Currington
It's where I'm from by Jason Michael Carroll (I have never even heard of this guy. Not that that means much though right?)

There might be more, I don't know since it's kinda illegible. I think I procrastinated too long. It's alright though, I heard them all on the radio so I'm sure they'll play them again. Sadly, I know I'm not going to be biking to work anytime soon so I suspect I'll hear them again!


Kimberly said...

girl-I think u have gone country crazy over there!!! So few country songs I can tolerate. I had a boss when working night shift and that is all we listened to-drove me insane!!!!
I really am not pleased with music overall these days, guess I will stick to my 80's throwback cd's (or as I still call them tapes!)

MichelleSG said...

Oh honey that's why I don't inflict it on those around me. I only play it in the car by myself and in the lab. When my new minion is in there working I don't play it for him either. Poor dear, it's bad enough that I'm almost old enough to be his mom, I'm not going to play country music for him!