Monday, June 1, 2009

I finally bought my birthday present!

Yes it was my birthday last week, May 28th to be exact. I was born on Memorial Day but it changes every year so the holiday is always near my birthday. And when in school I almost always had finals near or on my birthday too. We did have a party the Saturday before, the cute baby picture is of one of the guest's babies. They have 5 children, 4 are adopted. They found out they were pregnant with this baby 2 weeks after they adopted their 4th child (a 2 yr old) and only a few months after they had adopted a newborn. These people are nuts but I love them to death and their oldest son is in love with our daughter. He's the sweetest most sensitive child I've ever met. The hubby calls him our future son in law does this give you an idea of how lovely this boy is? Daddies don't let their little girls go to any old boy you know.

Anyway I never liked my birthday, old bitterness and the like. This time around was no different. I had an awesome birthday party that Saturday (I have pictures, I will blog it, promise) but the actual day? Not so great. We had no plans, it was a Thursday and we all had work and school but the hubby was taking us out to dinner anyway. I had a craptastic day at work. Really, the worst day ever and everything fell apart. To add insult to injury (and I know this is petty but I'm a girl and these women at work are awful) they normally get together and get a card and someone bakes cake in our respective groups. Some groups make bigger deals out of it than others, decorating office doors and what not. Our group not so much, card and birthday cake, nothing big which I find good. When a birthday comes around everyone pitches in a dollar or two to buy the card and pay for the cake mix or whatever. They make big ass cakes. I always pitch in because I like most of my direct co-workers except the three Bitches of Eastwick, or as my boss likes to call them, The 3 Little Piglets. No lie these 3 beasts have fast food for breakfast and lunch. Every. Single. Day. Regardless these beotches are the ones who normally organize the birthday 'celebrations'. I don't like them much because they are catty, mean and vindictive but I'm nice to them because I work with them and I'm a grown up. Sorry, I'm rambling again. So guess what I got at work for my birthday? Nothing. Not even one person saying happy birthday. And I know at least 3 of them knew it was my birthday because I told them. See now this is where I feel kinda petty and shallow. I was actually offended that no one said anything. It was bad enough that I always try and do something for theirs. I have been there for a year, we've celebrated everyone's birthday. So call me shallow but why not mine?

So I was feeling all woe is me that day until I txt-ed the hubby and he txt-ed back "Well if it makes you feel any better I had a spear thrown at me today and the sergeant had shit thrown at her today." I felt better then. I may work with the Three Bitches of Eastwick but at least I'm not in a max security prison. Perspective, people, perspective. Sometimes I just need to be reminded. And actually I pretty much felt instantly better as soon as I got in my Jeep, turned on my radio and drove away. Oh and lets not forget, cranked up the a/c, lordy but it's hot out here.

As for the present the hubby asked me what I wanted. He bought me a beautiful necklace (and I'll get pics of it, I had every intention, seriously) but he wanted to get me something more. My dad bought me a new lens for my wanna be DSLR camera (it's back ordered till my June) and I want to be able to drag it and the camera around. I have a wee bag that will fit just the camera (or the little video cam by itself) but not with a lens. I found a bag I wanted awhile back linked in a blog but for the life of me could not figure out what the blog was (bookmarks Michelle, use them). Recently, like on my birthday (thank you Bakerella) I figured out which blog it was. Bakerella's. Like I'd remember to look for a camera bag on a baking web site. Sure, duh. Tracy Joy had given her one of the bags with a cupcake print for the price of shipping, which, if you think about it, was brilliant maketing. Bakerella had recently been on both Martha Stewart and The Pioneer Woman. Can you imagine the kind of traffic she got from Bakerella's posting? Dayum smart move. Still not so sure why they are closing up shop but whatever.

I was entirely too thrilled to re-find this camera bag website. I didn't have a need for a large bag back when she had originally posted the link and it was kind of expensive. They hubby wanted me to look for other camera bags with padded straps before making a decision and I did. The closest I found to something I'd adore as much was $175. I don't think so. That's almost as much as my wee little wanna be DSLR. Plus all of Tracy Joy's bags are on sale. It's less than half even with the detachable flap. Which I plan on making more of all by myself. And maybe even switching out the strap with a padded one. Either way it's still less than $90 after shipping. After shopping for other camera bags I quickly figured out this was a deal. So I bought it. Today. While at work. And when I came home today the hubby told me to "Go ahead and order that bag you wanted for your birthday sweetie." and I said "OK". This is marriage, it's how you get exactly what you want. Which in this case was:
The brown Kristine Shooting bag (I'd probably gone for the black but it's on back order and I already have a lens on back order, I'm not that patient)

And the flap in Carnival Bloom. (pictured above). What I really wanted (pattern wise) was Boho Orchid (pictured below) and only available for the Joey bag and that bag is too small. If I'm going to get just 1 bag it might as well be big enough for me to take everything in my purse too.
But see, isn't this pattern cute too?

It's ok though, I have tons of velcro and I suspect I can whip out tons of flaps in any fabric I want.


Stephanie said...

Well, first of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Mine is always on or near Labor Day so yeah, I know all about postponing the party, or having it earlier... stupid Labor Day always got in the way.

Your co-workers sound like bitches. Seriously. That sucks. Especially since you've gone out of your way to participate or contribute to their birthdays. We used to have that same problem here... so now we've banned celebrating individual birthdays and instead we have one party each month and we celebrate all the birthdays in that month. It's kinda sad, but it works for us. At least everyone ends up being included.

I love the camera bag! I totally want one now, but I bought my current one not too long ago and I know The Husband would put his foot down if I asked. I like mine, but... definitely not as cute.

Anyway, I can't wait to see pictures!

MichelleSG said...

Thank you Steph, I do like my birthday, just not on the actual day of.
I did wait a long time to buy a camera bag because i was so darn picky. Don't worry, you'll eventually figure out something that just isn't quite right and get a new cutsie bag. It's just a use specific purse after all. And how many purses do we women own? There will be another present holiday coming around when you do want to get a new one!
Oh and pics, yeah, I'll do those but the lens doesn't get here for another 2 weeks, ugh!

Kimberly said...

Okay this is how I feel every year!! I know I should grow up and get over it but damn!! Oh, and I do have a card for you-way better than your coworkers it just never found a stamp so I will bring it although it will be late :(
I did attempt an ecard but dont know if it ever made it your way...

MichelleSG said...

I got the ecard babe, thank you! And you know we of the parental variety are never on time, it doesn't matter one whit.

Death before Decaf! said...

Her choice of diaper bags is not NEARLY as expensive as mine!

Plus, and more importantly, she totally deserves it.


MichelleSG said...

Man honey that is one ugly bag. You know you only though girls and that is so not a girl diaper bag. And the price? Oh hell no.