Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 264 and 263, A tale of 2 esperanza's the pot ghetto and the shade garden

I hadn't gotten a chance to download the photos for the past 2 days but I did take the photos. Hey at least I haven't fallen off the wagon! Plus I don't just want top plunk photos up on my site for them to speak for themselves. My photography skills are not even remotely there yet so all my photos have a story behind them. In this case 3 stories over 2 days. And in case you are wonder yes, these pics were taken over 2 days (Thursday and Friday) and not just this morning so that I could say I was doing my daily photos. It's 3 days into 365 and I haven't broken the rules. Yet. Give me a few more weeks.

Lets start with a tale of 2 esperanzas, pictures taken yesterday (363). These were 3 plants I bought together, all 1 gallon pots so they were decent sized plants but still easily killed by me. I planted them all in my front garden behind some big bushes and realized after some HEAVY rains that the run off from the roof (houses in San Antonio are not built with gutters) that they were going to be all bare root if I didn't move them. I lagged so long to move them that I was sure they wouldn't survive. Oh me of little faith. I put 2 next to each other on the side of our back window, east facing, morning sun receiving. The other I planted next to a rose bush. I know it doesn't look right at all there but we had dug a hole there (originally for the rose bush) and about 1 foot down we tagged a sprinkler line. So we couldn't put the rose bush in it (5 gallon pot, needed a bigger hole). We couldn't very well waste a good hole either, it takes an hour to dig in this rock quarry, so I shoved this poor bare root esperanza in it. Hey, it needed a hole! We then should have moved the rose bush further away but it needed to be by this particular fence panel (I'll probably explain the method to that madness later when I get around to that project, gah) so there they sit, together, competing shades of yellow flowers and green leaves.

You'll notice the 2 that are on the east side of the house are HUGE. Like well over 6 feet tall. I think the protection from the house makes them flourish. The other one is on the other side of the back yard and against the fence line. That's a 6 ft privacy fence it's next to so you get and idea of how tall it's not. It gets a lot of sun. Neither get on whit of attention from me. No trimming, watering, fertilizing, nothing. They don't seem to mind, my kind of plants.

Now moving on to the day before yesterday (364) that set of pictures is of my pot ghetto and shade garden. Now mind you I have some things in pots that are to stay in pots, ie I don't want them in ground. For example my basil:

I could easily plant this somewhere in my expanse of grassy back yard. The downside? Jayne would pee on it and the taste, well, it just wouldn't be the same ya know?
And then the others of my stay in pots:

That little rosemary is just purchased, he will soon be going into a bigger pot. The climbing pink flower is my daughter's, again, something too frail to leave out in dog pee area. And OK I lied, the rest of the pots are things that actually have earned a spot in ground so technically they are part of the true pot ghetto. Those day lilys are going in the front yard and that one rose was dead, I swear it was dead, but now it's not so I'll find a place for it in ground. It earned it since it's now officially un-dead.

The rest of the pot ghetto is really really sad. The Knock Out rose has been there so long I can't move the pot anymore. It has a 2 inch diameter root that busted through the bottom and has gone deep underground. I'm going to have to cut the pot off and dig the root out to get it to move. I don't think it'll kill the rose, I can't remember the last time I watered that thing. 2008 maybe? Yeah it's earned it's in ground place in my garden. Actually I think it just decided to become in ground with out actually bothering to wait for me to put it in ground.

The rest of the pots are mostly the dead dead stuff, I take those pots to the plant swap so that other people that propagate plants (rather than kill, like me) have more pots to use. There are a few lantanas there that survived, don't know how, and also some lavender. I'll plant both sometime this year because that pot ghetto has just got to go.

The almost in ground Knock Out rose (that is, for whatever crazy reason, blooming today):

The lantana, still live with other dead things around them:

And the lavender, a plant which I really do love, also blooming today:

Oh and I almost completely forgot my 2 special plants from San Diego. These are 2 Jacarunda trees, not supposed to be able to survive our winters in south central Texas. They have been in pots for the past 2 winters and never lost a leaf. These have to go in ground soon, they are over 3 ft tall in these wee little pots, my bad.

And I will post pics of the shade garden tomorrow because this is insanely long. Don't worry, I'm taking other pictures today for day 362. I'm taking the kid to the reptile show, it should have PLENTY of cannon fodder for my Canon right?

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