Saturday, January 10, 2009

Calling cards

I am an avid period movie fan, I just love those bland love stories and was lucky enough to marry a man (or woman depending on what friend of ours you ask) that loves them too. There are several old fashioned things that go on in those movies that you'll never see again, horse drawn carriages, footmen, and the like. One of the things that I always loved were the calling cards. One would go to a house and hand the doorman/butler their calling card so they could either a) be announced of b) if the occupant was not home the card would be left so they knew someone had come calling. So quaint, but with the advent of telephones and people who do not talk to neighbors calling cards had fallen by the way side. We have business cards nowadays but usually for work purposes only.

When I was working in commercial real estate (when first arriving in Texas) I used my business cards for both work and personal use. They had my cell number and my email addy so why not right? After leaving that job (don't get me started on that waste of 2 years of my life) I kind of missed the cards. Last week I decided to go to Vista Print and have calling cards made. Why not, you only pay for shipping right? It has my name at the top, my blogger addy, my cell phone number, home phone number and my dh's name with his cell number at the bottom. I forgot to list my email separate, people will have to go to my blog to figure it out. So they came in, I loved them and put some in my wallet. And sadly totally forgot about them.

The dd came home from school and hands me a calling card from one of the other students in her class. It's a Vista Print, has the family name listed on the top and all of their first names listed underneath it. They also put their home address, email and phone numbers. Again, very cute. I then proceeded to tell the dd that I had cards like that with our info on them (she didn't really know what the card was, just that her friend gave it to her for the specific purpose of getting together for play dates). She finds out I have them for us and now she wants 21, the number of students she has in her class. Ohkaayy yeah no I don't think so. I see a trend starting here. We pass these suckers out and watch, suddenly all the kids are going to go home waving these cards to their parents and saying that they need some just like it to pass out. Oh yeah, this is going to be good. I gave her 8, and she already has a list of 8 friends that she's giving them too. All boys. You know why? Because she likes the girls ok but for play dates she only wants to hang with the boys. Apparently they are funner. I think they are just easier for her to manipulate, oh yeah she's a smart one. Daddy's going to have lotsa fun come teen years.

So there you have it, calling cards are making a come back. And making rounds in the elementary schools. Oh to be a young social butterfly again....

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Anonymous said...

I had some made years and years ago, slightly bigger than business cards, very pretty. I didn't have the masks or anything fancy on them, but I thought they were pretty.

I had new ones made recently with my new site & email since now that I'm paying for it, it's mostly permanent. I have my current address and phone numbers too, but I set them slightly off so that if/when we move I can get a sticker to put over that with the new info.

Now I just need a butler to hand them to.. and other people to understand it when I fold down an edge or crimp the side....