Saturday, January 24, 2009

The sound of a child singing...or drowning loudly ?

So as I sit and peruse the internet at my own leisure without some ass wipe uptight doctor over my shoulder thinking I'm less than productive I hear noise from upstairs. In the shower, I think it's the kid. I think it's the kid either singing horribly like a cat dying by someone ripping it's hair off with duct tape, slowly or she's drowning. Loudly. So the hubby is upstairs on his computer and I IM him (gchat, love it) this observation of mine. He goes and checks and yells down the stairs "The hot water ran out". See now normal people would know that after 45 minutes in the shower and the water gong cold that this would be a good indicator that said shower was over. Time's up!

Now you'll probably need a wee bit of back story for this because there's this thing that people have, genetic traits, that are inexplicable other than it must have come from your forefathers. Take for instance the blankie thing as a baby. I had a thing for this one type of blanket as a toddler and have kept them in my life. Always. It's a thermal acrylic blanket with satin edging, very common. I was a blankie carrier as a toddler (unlike some who stick with stuffed animals) and my mother always made fun of me about it. Not in a nice way either but she's a bitch, I think I've mentioned that before? Any way I eventually upgraded to a full size one as an adult and it stays on my bed. When the dd was little I bought her one for her bed and when it came time to got to preschool when she was 3 she wanted to take it with her so I had to cut it down into smaller pieces. Hence it's eventual name (given by the preschool teacher) 'Piece'. Now I don't know why she became attached to a piece of blanket the same material as the one I was attached to (yes, my mother makes fun of hers too, once a bitch always a bitch) but she did and if you ask me it's a genetic thing. Like finger suckers or pacifier babies, who knows why one person likes one and not the other. We tried our best to get her to take a pacifier (easier to ween) but she'd have none of it, she was thumb sucker. She was 5 before we were able to get her to stop. Bribery, it works for her. BTW, I was a finger sucker too.

So what does this have to do with her dysfunctional shower habits? My dad, angel that the nutter butter is, has some odd foibles. He eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with out the bread. Just a spoon, 1 jar of pb and 1 jar of jelly, sometimes 2 if he's feeling adventurous. He's such a bachelor, totally incorrigible. Which is fine, he has piss poor taste in women so as long as he's single I'm not worried about him. When he starts talking about some lady friend I have to start grilling him. He has this shower thing, has since as far back as I can remember. When I was growing up I had to take my morning shower before him. Why? Because this is how his shower goes, he gets in and showers and then stays in. Until the hot water heater is drained. He then turns it off. And stays in the shower. He waits there, in the shower, cold and wet, until the hot water heater refills. No shit. Then starts the shower again. He only usually does this for one cycle. After the hot water heater has filled up again he won't empty it for a third time. I think it's only because he feels guilty about all the time he's wasted because lets face it, this waiting for 50 more gallons of water to heat up takes awhile.

So the kid, I think she gets it from him. Do I take long ass showers? Yes, yes I do. I can empty the tank but don't usually. Why? Because I get bored. Could I stay in longer? Oh yeah, no problem. I often take 2 showers a day. I must have my morning shower, must must must. I will often rinse off before going to bed too though because warm water feels nice. See? Genetic.

BTW, the kid is too much of a wuss to hang out until the water heats up again but I tell you what, once she gets older and toughens up I'll bet you she'll be playing that game.

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Royce said...

hahah! I love the thought process here.