Monday, January 5, 2009

It's time to vote for the Weblog awards!

Weblog awards, what is it? I dunno but sadly I am computer inept enough to not know 99.999% of these blogs. I know Redneck Mommy (who I did vote for best Canadian blog) and P Dub is is the running for best photography so I voted for that one too. I noticed both Bossy and Dooce were in there too but I don't like either of their blogs really so I abstained. I did learn a few things though, like what the hell Technorati is and why it exists. It's some sort of ranking system for blogs and their traffic. There's a ranking? And here I just thought you were cool when you could earn money off your blog. Apparently you're cool when Technorati says you're cool. Yeah, k, whatevah.

No, I have no idea how people can make a living off of their blogs. I'm sure the scam info is out there some where but I also truly believe I would enjoy blathering less if it were a job and I worried about what other people thought of my writing. I don't, does it show? Yes? Good. I don't want my readers to be those soft people that can't handle reality. I think I drove all of those off months ago with my comment moderation. Putzes thought they could use my blog as a sounding board. Hahaha! What? You say I'm never going to make it to the web grammys with that attitude? Yeah well you're probably right but I will still continue to go to these nominated sites and entertain myself. Both by voting and abstaining. Oh and sometimes even going to a new one and giving it a scathing review. I'm generous like that, spreading the love and lack of and all. Gotta love democracy huh? Or is that the abuse of? I dunno, it's been so long since I've seen an example of real democracy I don't think I know what it looks/works like any more. The good ol US of A, it's not the greatest but it's the best we got so far...

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Trailboss said...

Such control young lady!