Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was tagged, 25 random things about me

25 random things
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1) OK and I'm going to use this one as the first, I like doing these things but I hate tagging the other people. If you read through all of this random crap about me and find yourself coming up with your own answers consider yourself tagged. How's that for fair?

2) I must use Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser. I can't function with IE, it pisses me off.

3) I must have a minimum of 3 tabs open in specific order, gmail first, P Dub second, and my blog third. I'll have a 4th open to look at other sites but the first 3 must be the same.

4) I think I'm a wee bit OCD. My husband is sure I am more than a wee bit and that it's genetic and I passed it on to my child. I think he's right but I don't tell him that.

5) I try not to tell my hubby he's right, it keeps him on his toes.

6) I watch all my (very few) tv shows on the DVR, watching them real time takes too long and I just don't have that kind of free time.

7) The hubby and I have dessert after the kid goes to bed because she's only allowed to have dessert on weekends and we don't want to watch her pout and listen to her bitch, it ruins the dessert.

8) I have several guilty loves that I don't partake of when the hubby is around, most are redneck related (I like country music now and I find CMT terribly amusing, shhh don't tell). Hey I'm trying to eb a loving wife and not inflict it on him!

9) I do not understand some things Texans love, ground beef in mexican food rather than shredded or carne asada? Fools...

10) I have barely any friends in San Antonio, I don't know if that's because I am always busy or I am just not that friendly.

11) Almost all of my friends are the ones I made prior to the age of 18. And as much as I adore all of my friends (including the ones I've met as an adult) I'm ok with that fact.

12) If I find a blog I enjoy (and this is my fav way of entertaining myself) I will eventually find myself criticizing the writer, their way of life, their writing style, I don't know why. If I look at it from afar it's a very holier than thou habit. I try to stop myself, I at least acknowledge it but I don't always succeed.

13) The only blog stopped reading because of my holier than thou attitude was Laurel K. Hamilton's. I can handle reading her books still (despite their 80's fashion sense) but her blog? No, she's got issues bigger than mine. That, my friends, is saying something.

14) I love my dogs but they also make me want to never ever own any animal again. Ever.

15) I let myself indulge. A lot. Not normally with food though which is probably why I'm not 500 lbs. Good thing too huh?

16) I wish I were less lazy about my appearance. I'd like to wear make up but I just do not want to put out the effort. Sad huh?

17) I'm a chemist. The longer I am a chemist the more I believe it's in my blood and working at the lab bench is like comfort food for me. I really really like being a chemist and it pisses me off that where I work now does not appreciate the fact that I am one and there are not a lot of us who do what I do.

18) I enjoy sarcasm, I don't think everyone else does so I've toned it down in my old age. Plus it doesn't always translate well over the net.

19) I fully and totally admit that I was wrong about Face Book (yeah you heard me Summer, you and Michael were right). FB rocks and once again, I've found another obsession. I needed another like I needed another hole in my head.

20) I posted this on my blog rather than on FB (where I was tagged) because my blog is familiar to me, like a comfy blankie. I like comfort, it's good. And if anyone on FB is looking hard enough they'll find this.

21) I worry about my parenting skills all the time. I'm fighting to break a nasty cycle my mother created and it's hard. On one hand it's not a good thing to constantly questions oneself but on the other hand how do you grow if you aren't always trying to do better?

22) I miss a lot of things about my home town but I don't think I'll ever move back. Primarily because I don't think it'd be the best thing for my daughter. San Diego schools are severely lacking. Someday real soon they won't have half the schools open that they do now. Oh and the skinny popular girl competition? 50 times worse in So Cal than anywhere else.

23) I have on line crushes (people I have seen pics of that are cute). And no it's not on some porn site, or some super model or famous person. Those are too generic and my tastes have always been different. Shh don't tell the hubby....

24) I want a swimming pool and I don't care if it lowers my property value. Realtors are full of shit, I know, I am one.

25) I went to 9 different colleges to get my 2 degrees and my realtors license.


Susie said...

#9 - But Tex-Mex is its own thing, and CaliMex (is that a word) is its own thing, and.. and... can't we all just get along?? ;o)

#17 - I've never known a chemist before you, I think it's really cool actually. It sucks that the fools at your office don't recognize.

#19 - Gah-leee, me too. Totally and completely hooked, even my blog reading has slowed down. I'm surprised you don't have FB as your new permanent fourth tab!

MichelleSG said...

Girl Tex-mex isn't it's own thing. It's what happens when the Germans come in and put brown gravy on everything. And who the hell makes cheese enchiladas with Velveeta cheese? Gross!
Cali mex is called Baja Mex, no ground beef or gravy.
As for FB it is my 4th tab now. It's just too new to be deeply ingrained.

Stephanie said...


#4 - I think I could tell you were OCD after I read the first three! (But take that as a compliment, 'cause I'm OCD, too.)

#8 - Okay, wait. CMT?? Really??? That's the one thing I hate about country music. I think the videos are terrible. But I forgive you.

#12 - Yikes.

#14 - My cats make me feel the same way. Then again, they also make me want to adopt more.

#15 - I let myself indulge a lot, too. But with food. Especially chocolate. It's a problem.

#16 - I am lazy with my hair. I can't help it. I hate doing it. I hate blow-drying it or straightening it. And if I don't do either, my hair looks like a 'fro. My husband totally thinks ponytails are sexy. (At least, that's what I tell myself.)

#22 - Yeah, no joke on that skinny popular girl thing. I don't want my kids going to school here.

#24 - Me, too!

Angie in Texas said...

i totally have the OCD thing. i think mr. bill might be onto it bc every morning when i wake up one of the first things i do is turn on the computer and open up (in this order) my horoscope for the day, hotmail, mac mail, fb - while still in bed.

Angie in Texas said...

now i'm off to stalk you in FB . . .

Froggacuda said...

I speak for the Koide, too: we told you so!

MichelleSG said...

Eh yo, piss off Frog boy!