Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What if?

The dh and I were conversing Tuesday morning. He had a flat tire and didn't realize it until his way home from dropping the kid at school. I was still home when he got back, pulled his car into the garage and pulled off the tire. I told him I'd call in late to work and we'd take his tire to be patched together. *sidenote* I'd really like life a lot more if we weren't so dependent on cars. Really, I'm serious. The car payments, insurance maintenance, ugh.

So we did that and were talking on the way home about the guys I'd met him with when we were young. It was a group of 4 of them and they all rode BMX bikes, no cars. Even when we were of driving age none of them got cars, the dh just mooched rides from women with cars. Dh never suffered from a lack of females, brat. I was one of the chicks with a car that he got rides from here to there from. Funny, just yesterday I was talking to one of those very women about this subject. And we both knew back then that we were being used for our cabbie services. Why oh why is being young always associated with stupidity?

So one day in high school the dh and his friend's bikes were stolen. They went to San Diego High and since it was a downtown school the students there, for the most part, were from the seedier side of town. Let's put it this way, they had their own daycare there for the students that had babies, so that the young parents could at least could get a high school degree. They had a high teen pregnancy rate there yeah? So when the dh's and Jas' bikes were stolen Jas got really really pissed. He'll tell you there were other reasons for this choice but we all know it was the bike. He decided to change schools. Don't ask me how he did it, the San Diego school system is a bitch about letting kids change schools mid year, it just isn't allowed. He must have come up with some great whacked out story to make it happen but he did. He changed to my high school. Because his bike was stolen. Oh he'll never fess up to that, he says some other odd thing but we all know it was the bike. Those boys loved their bikes.

So that's how I met Jas, he was in one of my elective courses (Graphic Arts maybe?) and I thought he was cute so I talked to him. And then started hanging out with him and decided I wasn't into him and he had a girlfriend anyway. And I didn't think she was very pretty so, of course, that made me question his judgement in women. Turns out she and her sister were psycho so there, I was right. We still hung out though and he was in a band so I followed him to some of his shows and that's where I met the other 3 boys in his crew. Dan, Vaughn, and my hubby. I dated the dh way back then in the day. We met at one gig in Ramona, a town outside of San Diego, way out in the boonies. It's where our friends now own a paintball field so you know it's way hella out there. We met, I told Jas I though his friend (my present dh) was a dork, dh asked Jas if I was interested. DH went though women only a bit slower in high school that he did in college. He had a 6 month rule in high school, he wouldn't date a girl longer than 6 months. I dated him and when he realized I had made it to that point I got the boot and was regulated to just another person to mooch a ride from. Ouch! Didn't you just love the teen years?

Funny how things like that work out. I got dumped, married the rebound guy (that was such a bad marriage) and then managed to not make my way back to San Diego until 10 years after high school. When we then got back together, had a kid and got married.

All because some ass stole those bikes from Jas and dh in high school. Fate is a fickle woman isn't she?

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Anonymous said...

i spent almost 2 years with a guy. we met because his friend, K, was hitting on my friend, J, and the two of us had nothing better to do than talk . . . K & J never went out, but D and I were together for a while!