Friday, January 16, 2009

I need to do

I've been in a funk lately and no where has that been more obvious than here on my blog. I never run out of things to babble about. I can babble about nothing, I don't need an excuse to write. Normally. But obviously every person has their moment and now is mine. I don't like it. Not one bit. I think what I really need to do is do something. As in real life, some activity or I don't know, go verbally beat the crap out of somebody. That usually makes me feel better, it's a sort of old art form for me. It's been mopey around here too, I swear everyone I know is either depressed or more depressed than they already were. It's bad. I know most of it has to do with the economy and we are all feeling like we're stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Because we are. No denying it now Bush, on your way out. Butt head. Don't think for one minute that I'm not blaming it all on him. Everything. And no, I never voted for him. Not once. I don't even know if he did anything I liked while in office. We didn't even get the tax check everyone else did, we were too poor. WTF?

All the people I know right now, even the ones that were well off 6 months ago, are no where near well off now. The rest of us? Pretty bad too. Not even with the election of Obama can any of us see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's more like the black bottom of a pit. There's lot's of 'funks' going on here, lots of depression. Which is bad during the winter months, gads it's cold and dark this year. It makes people get sick easier too so the colds and viruses are running rampant this year. Have you noticed? I'm hoping our children escape relatively unscathed from this, the long term ramifications of the US becoming a 2nd world country are bad enough as it is. Dragging another generation through it would really suck. The Baby Boomers should not have to inflict any more of their piss poor wrath (choices? decisions?) on future generations. Time will tell though so we shall see.

In the mean time I'm trying to yank myself out of this funk, hope none of my immediate friends and family end up homeless, and continue to babble online. Oddly I feel motivated to scrap and craft again. I busted out my sewing machine last weekend and brawled with it for a bit. It's a lovely machine but I was trying to sew knits and lemme tell ya, they don't sew well. I also want to make my kid's Valentines cards for her class this year. Don't worry, I know they are just going to get thrown away. I'm doing it for the love of doing it, not that they'll keep the things. Silly holiday but the kids love it. I'd be happy if Halloween was the only holiday. It's fun, involves candy, is applicable to adults and kids, can be done both at night and during the day and doesn't exclude the single or married/coupled. It's the perfect holiday, we should shine all the rest.

We shall see if this helps me move past this emotional garbage I never had any patience for before. I certainly don't now even though it's stomping all over the world. I don't like it, so I am going to go out and try to 'do'. Something. Wish me luck!

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Kimberly said...

Should I send my kids over to shake u out of your funk?! No funk when they are around, no time to think. U have inspired me to think about doing Vday cards but that may be as far as it gets. Yep, everyone is in a funk-what the world needs now is love sweet love...yeah right! we need money!