Sunday, January 11, 2009

I don't watch football

Well let me clarify, I (we actually, dh has little to no interest) don't watch any organized sports on tv. It just doesn't do it for us. If we are invited to friends house to watch a game we have to really really like our friends because it'd be more of an excuse to hang with them than to watch a football/baseball/whatever game. Given the opportunity to go irl we usually will go. Not really for the game but more for the experience. We've taken the dd to Petco park a few times to watch the Padres. She had a GREAT time. Didn't watch the game at all but ate every single thing the concession guys came to sell. Peanuts, popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, cotton candy, pretzels and cheese. You name it she ate it. The fact that she didn't puke is a testament to the fact that she was raised a So Cal girl. That much salsa and Mexican food from birth and you get a stomach of steel by the time you're 3.

So now here's the caveat, and I speak for myself, not the dh because he still doesn't give a hoot. The Charges (not the best of teams, to say the least) had what, an 8/8 season? Dude that sucks ass. That kind of playing should not warrant a standing in any type of divisional play off or what have you. You'll excuse my random football terminology and appreciate the fact that I don't call anything a home run whilst talking about football. But it seems like 2009 is already turning out to be a year of wild miracles. It's like a scene from Sixteen Candles. King of the Dorks, remember that line? Yeah well apparently 8/8 was better than the rest and we just sucked better than everyone else in the west. Alright, well then the Chargers finally grew some balls and started playing football. And they get payed how much to dick off for the entire season? They should be counting their lucky starts right now because let me tell you, they don't really deserve to be where they are at.

I've been checking the numbers. The scores and all the other stats in the game, yeah that's right I can read football scores and they make sense to me. I was raised by my dad, I can work on car engines too, dads are wonderful things for girls. Let me tell you, I don't know how the hell they won that last game, their stats sucked ass next to the Colts last week. Again though, it was just a matter of not sucking ass more than the ones you are up against. The Colts must have pissed off the football gods or something. Anyway I was talking to my dad last weekend, because he has tickets to all the at home games and goes to them, and he was talking about the alignment of the stars. If everything worked out just right the Chargers would be playing one more game at home. In order for that to happen the Ravens would have to win (which they did yesterday) and the Chargers would have to win today. I think the weather will be in the teens today in Pittsburg, with snow flurries. I'll be the first to say it, snowballs chance in hell. Do I think they have a chance of winning? A small one but again, only if the stars have aligned just right. And the Steelers suck ass harder than the Charges. It could happen.

The football fans of San Diego though? OMG I didn't even know they existed in such fervor. Normally they are wallflowers, we don't do sports much in San Diego. Why when you can go out and surf, water ski,roller blade, snowboard, bike, hike and dang why sit in a stadium watching other people play games when you can go out and do whatever the hell you want. This is the problem with having major league sports in an area with such beautiful year round weather. They're not cheese heads because they have no snow in their front yards.

Right now though, wow are they getting on the band wagon. It's kind of entertaining to watch from afar. If I were back in the city, not so much. I find screaming drunk men not so amusing. I am safely tucked away in the suburbs of Texas though, until those stupid retarded Spurs start up again I don't have to listen to that crap.

Go Bolts, earn that paycheck!

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