Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Play time

No, really. I’ve spent 2 Sundays in a row hooping. 3 hours of hooping, each day. For those that participate in physical activity this might be one of those negligible things. I’m blogging about it, a good indicator that I am not one of those ‘physical’ kinda people. Not because I don’t want to be, really I’d love to be more active, but I am at another one of those times in life that life is just not amenable to giving me the time and opportunities that are congruent to exercise/anything physical. Now don’t tell me that I have to make the time, I know I have to make the time. And even better I do make the time, when I can. There’s just not enough of it to go around right now. Tell me was life always this complicated? I have stopped answering my cell phone because it’s just too tedious. Kind of a waste of a cell phone bill but at least the phone itself was free (thanks Jas!) and I do answer messages left on it. As long as I consider the person leaving the message worth my time. Hey I don’t have a lot of that floating around you know, it’s not free!

Regardless I found the phone was really just adding more complication to my already stupid busy life so I turned off the ringer. I recommend it to everyone, really. As for the internet, well that’s kind of my crack, I’m not giving it up. I know Doc, over at Doc’s Sunrise Rants, recently came back from a short vacation where she purposefully cut herself off from the internet and she thought it was fabulous. I can tell you I’ve done that before and I didn’t find it nearly as gratifying as I think she has found it to be. Maybe some addictions are just not that bad for you or just necessary for one’s sanity. Plus you know, I have all of maybe2 friends here in San Antonio and they are mothers and don’t have time for me either really. The internet is very often the only other sort of outside friend communication some of us get with those friends we have in other states. I wouldn’t get a chance to talk to any of my Cali friends if it weren’t for the internet. Yeah we could call but we don’t, it’s too much of a pain. See? Cell phones, bane of the modern day world. I only have 1 friend who stays in contact with me via phone. She doesn’t answer her cell phone normally either but we both depend on caller ID when it comes to each other. Call it an unspoken agreement between the two of us, she answers my calls, I answer hers. This is only an acceptable practice for those really near and dear to one’s heart. Everyone else can leave a message and I’ll get back to them if I feel the need. 90% of the time I don’t. I’ll call back the hubby (I try not to miss his calls but I still do) and maybe a few others. But if they have an email addy I’d rather do that , it’s all about on my own time…
So when I get 2 weekend days, even when it’s not on the same weekend, to do my own exercise thing it’s a rarity, not usually seen before kind of rarity. The kid did not go with me on the 18th, which is probably why I was able to stay for a whole 3 hours. It takes me 1.5 hours to drive up to Austin so I would like to be able to stay the whole time. Lately the kid has been getting bored by about 30 minutes in. So not worth the gas if that’s how long she’s going to last. This past Sunday she had a friend spend the night and so we had an extra child with us Sunday morning. No big, I told her that she could either a) ask said friend’s mom if friend could come along or b)ask her mom if she could stay at her house for the day. Either option would be good from me because it either means she’s more entertained at the park we were going to and would last longer or she wouldn’t be with me at all. Of course it didn’t work out that way though. Her friend had other commitments (I can’t believe how much parents with multiple can fill up their schedules with every club under the sun and not think it’s too much crap they’ve obligated their kids to do) and my kid wanted to go hooping. Fine ok, just realize child that we will be up there for 3 hours, suck it up and deal. When I got there I was amazed to see something like 20+ newbies hooping. We never have that many! There were almost that many the Sunday before too so it was really really nice to see that kind of turn out. It was my good fortune that there was another mom there that had her 2 daughters with her (ages 5 and 2 1/2 so a bit younger than my kid) that for whatever reason the dd decided were going to be her playmates for the session. So much so that after 3 hours and everyone and I mean everyone else had left we were still there. We decided it was time to leave not long after and my kid actually protested us leaving. Now this I could get used to. She was nice and tired when we drove home too, glued to her portable dvd player and quiet as a mouse. I like mice, they are cute and silent.

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Kimberly said...

I much prefer email. I am not a phone talker to the point that I think my friends think I am a bad friend for not picking up the phone but really w/ so many kids it is easier to type because when I am on the phone they act as though the world has come to an end and I need to fix it right now!

Hey, did the snake turn up??