Friday, January 2, 2009

I don't ride horses

I just live vicariously through all the horsey blogs I visit daily. But I used to ride, really I did! Back when I divorced my first husband and was stuck on the wrong side of the country (that would be the east side). I was trying to finish my college degree and I was working part time as a vet tech. The last vet I worked for had need of someone to work at her place and she kept horses. I had the opportunity to work at another barn in exchange for riding lessons (got the connection through the vet) and decided to expand my repertoire. It was fun! Oh and I'm allergic to hay, makes my eyes swell shut. Didn't stop me though, I was able to get about 6 months of lessons in before life circumstances changed and I had to move on. I loved it though, mostly the taking care of the horse part. I can groom horses all day long and it's like therapy. Riding, not so much. I have an ass made of teflon, those english riding saddles are small and those dressage/hunter/jumper horses that ride in the hunt are frisky! I've never tried western before but they don't wear helmets, that's not happening. No way no how. My horse cantered once, threw me a flying lead change even. Oh that was such a terrifying experience. No I wear safety gear, always. I also don't do anything more than a walk. A trot if I'm feeling like a lunatic. Which would be like never. I miss the horse stuff, I really did love being at the barn, hay allergies and all. Too bad life doesn't always leave you room for the things you enjoy. I'm sure my hubby would love to hang out every weekend at the paintball field. He goes maybe 4 or 5 times a year.

So why am I dragging ya'll down memory lane? I was looking at dog coats for my winter wimps and came across a pair of riding boots. I love them, I don't care that they were made specifically for riding and would be completely under utilized in my closet (since I don't ride. In snow.). If I had the spare, oh $200 I'd buy them. Good thing I don't have spare cash huh? Sadly I actually do have a nice pair of Ariats. 2 actually. One pair of cowboy boots that I do wear on occasion. They are fashion boots though, not worn for working, they just look cute. The other are actually riding (paddock?) boots and I bought a pair of half chaps to match. Both are in cordovan color because I have insanely small feet (5 1/2) and the boots were a 'last years model' and on mega sale. Apparently cordovan is not the most popular color, it was a dressage town, black was the trend.

The cowboy boots I do wear on occasion, it's Texas so there are plenty of occasions. The paddock boots and half chaps have not been used since my riding days, 1998 maybe? I kept them though, they are somewhere in the attic along with my riding hat and gloves. Oh and breeches, I had those too! I don't know if they'd still fit but I'm not getting up on a horse anytime in the near future so no matter. Regardless, I'm not crawling around in the attic to find that stuff, blown in insulation is a pain. It'd be easier to 'find' $200 and buy that cute pair I found online today...

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