Thursday, January 1, 2009

First day of the new year

Did you do something monumental? Mark this first day by making some outrageous resolution that you swear isn't going to fail this year? Yeah me neither.

I took the kid out to lunch and out shopping to Bath and Body Works. Why? Well because they are having one of those OMG stupid low price sales times. I went there the other day and got one of those clip on travel scentportable things for my car. I'm a mom in a momobile and it smells. No I'm serious, I don't know why but every one but me uses my car as a trash can I swear. Drives me nutters. I know I can put a dryer sheet in the car but oddly I find new dryer sheet scents to be too strong and I don't mind the scent strength of these jems. The dd fell in love with the scent idea so I took her back to the store to get one for her room. Thankfully the Wallflowers were on insane sale so I stocked up on them. Normally I only buy lotion and body soap there and think that I should get the house scents for the stinky home (man do my dogs smell, gas-o-matics that they are). So now I am cooking the leftover ham bone from Christmas dinner (making split pea soup) and it's competing with the smell of Juicy Nectarine, it's an odd kind of competition.

I know that there are probably a ton of great sales out there right now but I am trying to refrain from spending money. I won't say that I'm making any kind of New Years spending resolution but it wouldn't be a bad idea. I won't make it though, it would just make it destined to fail. Welcome to the world of the next Great Depression. I've been saying recession for the last year, now that I've been confirmed by CNN I'm stepping it up a notch and saying that it's going to bite for at least another year. Poor Obama has his job cut out for him. Lets hear it for someone in the government gunning for another stimulus check for us poor people. Last year we didn't make enough to be eligible for it. Yeah let me say that again, we didn't make enough to get the stimulus check. How ass backwards is that? I'm sorry you're too poor to get help from the government. We should have applied for food stamps or some shit like that. Bets have it we wouldn't be eligible for those either, government logic makes no sense to me. Of course the phrase government logic is an oxymoron now isn't it?

Here's me, spending the first day of the new year hoping there is some sort of change for the better this year because lords knows we all need it! Status quo just isn't cutting the mustard.


DoubleDH said...

Instead of cutting us a check, how about filling some of those job things in the Homeland Security area? My brother-in-law has to call in on Fri nights now(after putting in overtime all week) to see if he has to come in on Saturday, even though the longshoremen just laid-off 1100 people and are not working weekends anymore. How lame is that?

MichelleSG said...

Ah yes again, gov logic, there is none. I hear that Obama is big into getting jobs created, maybe he'll crack the whip because lets face it, if you apply for a gov job it takes no less than 6 months to get hired. My god lie we all have that kind of free time to friggin wait...