Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The kid wants to be Goth

No I'm totally serious. I mean I was goth back in the day, I was a teen at the time though, not 7 years old. I was flitting about the internet this evening and she pointed at something I was looking at and said she wanted some:
Guantlets by solerawear on esty, hq in Hawaii...

I told her that they were made for grown ups and that they didn't make them for kids. I did not tell her I already owned a pair in chocolate and they are stashed safely away in my closet. No she has never seen them before so it's not like she's copying mommy's fashion sense. I only dress goth when going to club and that's long after her bed time.

She has apparently seen gauntlets in kid sizes though since she had gotten into a fight over one in the lost and found box at school earlier this year. Some girl wanted them and took my kid by the throat of her shirt and shook her up some. Good thing my hubby wasn't the one to hear about this first, he wanted to hunt the kid down and give her a what for. Instead he tried to teach the kid how to fight. Turns out we raised a pacifist and no, I do not know how that happened. People feared me, even in my school years. I joined Facebook recently and one guy from high school, for whatever reason, calls me shin kicker. I do not recall a) ever kicking anyone in the shins nor b)who this guy is. Whatever, just goes to show I didn't have to kick any one to get them to fear me, they just did. Power and intimidation, I have it. My child, not so much.

She does, however, have potential. Do you know which gauntlets she wants?
The skull and crossbones. Rock on, there is hope yet...

And let me just say that no, this is not my kid, it's just a model but my kid just happens to have this same exact hat. She's a mega fahionista, again, unlike her mommy.

And this is where a model is wearing them on her arms.

I love baby legs. Have you guys ever seen them on babies? My friend has a 8 month old and she has no less than 13 pairs. I told her to save them for me because these puppies alone would be a good enough excuse to give birth, no really.

See? Did you hear that? That was your ovaries protesting their non use. No, really, listen again, google Baby Legs and look through the pics, they'll start wailing. It's true!

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