Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rumors rumors rumors.....

I love reading the on line news from my old home town, the newspaper here sucks. If I want to be kept up to date with modern technology and biotech I read the San Diego Union Tribune. If I want to listen to whiners complain about every stupid thing under the sun I read the San Antonio Express News (it bites). I found a little article today about Qualcomm (a San Diego company) that makes the chip for the Google phone. Apparently there are rumors (and there has been for awhile, ignore the dates on that photo) that Apple is going to them for the chip for a new iPhone, a nano iPhone. Now this is as of yet, a rumor but it didn't begin from the fan base. No, the makers of iPhone cases Vaja and Xskn had briefly up on their sites, new cases for the nano iPhone. Interesting no? Well ok, interesting for those of us that find techno crap like this fun.

Now a smaller iPhone is completely impractical for things like surfing the net so I'm guessing this phone is not going to be as upscale as the regular iPhone but it goes with the theme that Apple has for most of their products, different price point models. Now from someone who has the G2 version of the iPhone (at least I think that's the version, it's not the G3) I can give an opinion on such a phone. I am an odd one, I don't actually use my iPhone for internet applications. Email especially, which I am guessing is a popular one for iPhone enthusiasts. Why you ask? If you look at my email addy you'll notice it's my usual MichelleSG along with FBRN. It's the mail addy I use as an application reviewer. I get all the applications that come in for every dog listed as available for the French Bulldog Rescue Network. We get 200+ applications for some dogs. I had a Blackberry Pearl prior to the iPhone and lemme tell you, I tried turning on the email functionality. It was redunculous. I didn't even bother with this phone. You know what I use this phone for? MP3 player. I use it as an MP3 player A LOT. Funny too, I never used my other MP3 player prior to owning the phone, why? I dunno, it works just fine, has almost the same music on it. Maybe it's the new job and the way it's structured (it's not, they can't get my lab working to save their lives) and the fact that I get a lot of alone time. Whatever, I'm lovin the iPhone MP3 capabilities.

With that said, the hubby has always wanted an iPhone. I won't get one for him because he is so damn hard on his cell phones. He has a Shine right now and can I just tell you what he did to it 3 weeks ago? He was washing his hands, his phone was in his jacket pocket, the sink was full of water and he knocked his phone out of his pocket and into a full sink of water. Oh yeah, that'll do wonders for a phone. How do you think an iPhone would handle that? Yeah not so good I'm sure. He let the Shine dry out for a day, it had water in the lcd screen that you could see and you know, I'm surprised it actually came back from that. Still, it doesn't make me want to go out and buy him an iPhone. Would you? We really need a bit more disposable income if iPhones became a disposable product in our home. Because to him that's what phones are, disposable. GAK! Now you know why we only have 1 and it's mine.

Now if they end up having an iPhone that is less expensive, smaller (hey I have little hands and the iPhone is sizable), and still plays music? Yeah I'd get that. And may even pass my iPhone on to the dh. I can be a nice wife, no really I can. It just doesn't happen too often, can't let him think that he can get everything he wants. Gotta keep the man in line you know.

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