Friday, January 2, 2009

It's time to nominate for the Bloggies!!

Someday I want to be rich just so I can afford a ticket to the South by Southwest Festival in Austin so I could go see the Bloggies awarded in real life. Totally serious by the way, tickets are INSANELY EXPENSIVE, the cheapest is a student pass, purchased in advance, for $300. I shit you not. Anyone out there have a free comp pass they can spare me? Anyone? In the meantime this year I was with it enough to nominate some praise worthy blogs, you have until January 12th to submit nominations. So you who are sick of voting, instead go and NOMINATE! I am somewhat limited in my blog reading preferences so I will, for the sake of full disclosure, let you all know who I nominated. I flitted though previous years blog winners before, it's how I found a few others like Redneck Mommy (who I love and nominated again this year for best Canadian blog, of course I don't know any other Canadians) and Dooce. I don't like Dooce all that much (the blog, not the person since I've never met her) and I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with her kid (the older one, not the one gestating). Just being brutally honest here peeps, it is a contest after all. Ugly white presidents don't get my vote either, I'm superficial like that. Hey I was born and raised in So Cal, this should come as no big surprise to anyone.

Lesse who else did I nominate, OH! Margaret and Helen. I put them in for 2, best new blog and best political blog. If you can show me a better political blog than theirs I'll send you a present of some sort. No really, I can find some piece of glittery goodness that the kid has glued together somewhere but I don't think you can show me a better political blog.

Lets not forget P Dub, I had to nominate her for something. Weblog of the year. She deserves it for entertaining such and insane volume of people per day. Insane.
I also voted bakerella for best food blog (hey it's the one I find most entertaining) and then The Ivory Hut for Photography. She owns the same camera I do and I plan on harassing her so I can figure out how to use the damn thing. I can't make it focus close up. At all. Why? I have no idea but I bet Ivory Hut does.

So go forth and nominate! Then come back here and tell me who you nominated! Because I'm nosey like that. Plus I want to know what other good blogs are out there, I'm a blog reading slut....

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